Make Pull-Along Toy Snakes with Corks and String

Learn how to make your very own pull-along toy snake with the following instructions. It really turns out to be a really cool toy when finished. This is a great toy for boys…who tend to love to scare girls with these cork snakes. Find the directions below.

How to Make Pull-Along Toy Snakes with Corks and String Crafts Idea for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed:

– Corks (From 14 to 20 of Them)
– Strong String
– Large Mending Needle
– Sewing Pins
– Paint or Markers
– Need Mom or Dad to Cut a Mouth OR Paint on Face

There are harmless snakes on many farms, and you should have one in your collection. Make one from corks —from 14 to 20 of them if you want a long snake. The corks can be of different sizes, getting smaller towards the tail, or, if yours are all the same size, your Mom and Dad can cut some.


Use a strong string and a large mending needle to put the snake together. Start at the head, and let some knotted string dangle, as in the picture. When all the corks are strung together, cut a mouth and make two eyes from pins. For the final touch, paint the snake some real snake color.

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