Make Silhouette Self-Portraits for Mom or Dad Gift Craft

Silhouette portraits make a wonderful gift for Mom and Dad for Birthdays or for Mother’s Day or for Father’s Day … and better yet,  they are very easy to make. This will make a wonderful keepsake craft for Mom and Dad as they watch you grow up and get to see how small your head used to be in comparison to how you look now (when they look back on it years later). Have fun with the easy instructions below.

Make Silhouette Portraits for Mom or Dad Gift Arts &  Crafts Project for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed

-Large sheet of wrapping paper (or large piece of other type of paper if you don’t have wrapping paper)
-Thumb tacks or Masking Tape
-Black crayons

Step 1

Find a friend or family member to help you make your self portrait.

Step 2


Tack or Tape a large piece of wrapping paper to the wall (with permission from an adult).

Step 3

– Seat yourself sideways on a chair, close to the wall, directly in front of the paper.

Step 4

Now have your friend place a lighted lamp close behind you with the light shining on you, in such a way that his shadow is cast on the tacked-up paper.

Step 5

With your crayon, have your friend follow the outline of the shadow.

Step 6

Then take the paper off the wall and fill in the shape you have drawn with black crayon, as shown in the picture below.

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