How to Make Rubber band Powered Toy Dump Trucks and Cars Lesson

Today we will show you how to make a rubber band motored dump truck, cars, or other vehicles. It is much easier than you think it would be and it is a lot of fun figuring out ways to make it roll faster or just smoother. If you like a challenge, then go on and find out how to make this rubber band powered vehicle.

How to Make Rubber band Powered Toy Dump Trucks and Cars Lesson

How to Make Rubber band Powered Toy Dump Trucks and Cars Lesson

Crafts Materials Needed

– Plastic Container or Cardboard Box
– Rubber Bands
(optional) Glue Gun (Parental Supervision or Help)
– If can’t use glue gun, then other glue
– Electrical Tape or Duct Tape or Strong Tape
– Old Markers for the Axles (parts that hold the wheels) (however, you can use chopsticks or something else if you want)
– Materials for Wheels (I used Spray Butter Caps and VCR Spools but you can use plastic caps or something else)
– Materials for Top of Truck and Dump Truck Part (I used Disposable plastic and styrofoam containers from around my house)

Step 1 (If You Want to Use VCR Spools)

How to Make Rubber band Powered Toy Dump Trucks and Cars Lesson

Make sure this is a VCR tape that isn’t used any more!! Rewind the tape. Take the screws out of the VCR tape.

How to Make Rubber band Powered Toy Dump Trucks and Cars Lesson

Open up the VCR tape and take out the 2 white / clear spools. You need to take the tape off of the wheels….this is annoying but these are amazing wheels!

These are what the wheels look like now.


Step 2

If you are using old markers for the axles then glue 2 together.

Step 3

Now glue the cap part to the inside of one of the vcr spools.

Step 4

Now poke 2 holes in the truck’s base (mine is a large plastic container).

Make these holes opposite of each other for the back wheels.

Step 5

Now stick the markers through these holes…make sure that the markers looks like they go through the container evenly.

Step 6

Now glue another cap on the end of the marker that doesn’t have a wheel yet. After that is glued, glue the last vcr spool on to that cap.

Step 7

Now lets make the front wheels. I used butter spray caps. Glue the bottom of a marker to the center of the cap.

Glue another marker to the top of the first marker.

Step 8

Now the side that needs a wheel will have a cap on it. Since the cap has a hole in it, I couldn’t get it to glue down to the spray butter cap. But it glued VERY well when I first put electrical tape on the cap and THEN glued it. Try this and hopefully it will work great for you.

Step 9

I then took electrical tape and secured all of the markers together  – just in case.

Step 10

Now cut a hole in the front of the car. I secured the hole with electrical tape so that the hole wouldn’t get bigger with use.

Step 11

Now for the rubber band part of the tutorial. Take a few rubber bands…I used 3. You will need to connect them together like I did above. You loop one around another rubber band and then you pull it through its own self, and then you pull…look at the above pictures to help you.

Do this with all 4 rubber bands.

Step 12

Now wrap it around the markers and pull it through itself.

Electrical tape the rubber band on the back axle.

Then pull it to the front of the car and tie it a few times to make sure that it is secure.

Step 13

To make sure that the car works (before adding to its looks)…get onto the floor (might only work on the rugs if your wooden floors are slippery) and roll the back wheels towards yourself as you crawl backwards. When you feel tension and it feels like it is harder to use, then let go…it should drive all by itself.

Step 14

Now put the plastic cap on the container and then glue the front of the truck onto the surface of the container (in my case I used a mushroom container).

Step 15

I cut out the front of the mushroom container so my kids  can put people in there.

Step 16

To make a dump truck, just tape a plastic container (or cardboard box) on to the back of the truck, but only tape it on the side that is closest to the back of the truck. Now you have a dump truck.


Step 17

How to Make Rubber band Powered Toy Dump Trucks and Cars Lesson

If you want to, you can paint it or draw on it. I also placed the cut-out window part for a decoration on the top of the truck.

I hope that you had fun like I did!

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