How to Make a Decorated Elastic for Your Hair

Here is a fun craft for the girls today.  I’m going to show you how to make a Decorated Elastic for your Hair.  The craft is super easy, but it is so much fun.  Made from a basic elastic and some extra buttons you have laying around…..  the elastic turns out so beautiful.  People will actually be surprised you made it yourself.  So, grab the few materials you need for this craft and let’s get started.

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Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you how this craft step-by-step.


Materials Needed

– elastic for hair
– buttons in assorted colors
– needle and thread
– scissors


Step 1

Choose the place on the elastic where you will add the decoration.

Add the bigger button.

If it has 4 holes, we will use two of the holes to sew it to the elastic.

Take care to sew through the elastic, not around it. That way, the decoration will stay fixed.



Step 2

When the first button is secured add the second.

Sew it well …

… and then the next one.

You can let it like that or you can add a crystal, a flower or anything you like.

That’s it!!  How easy was that?!  Now you have an original elastic that no one else has.  How did your decorated elastic turn out?  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, take a picture of your elastic and share it in the comment as well… I’d love to see it.

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