How to Make a Daisy Book Pendant

I know Valentines Day is coming up in 6 days…. and you were probably expecting a Valentines Day craft.  I took a break from showing you another Valentines Day craft to show you how to make this Daisy Book Pendant.  I thought this Daisy Book Pendant would make for a wonderful Valentines Day Present to someone special.  Anyone will surely love to wear it.  I will even show you later in the craft how to put a special hidden message inside the pendant.  So, let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you how to make this, step by step.


Materials Needed

– cardboard (for the covers – I used green)
– white and yellow paper
– scissors
– thick thread and needle
– pencil
– paper glue


Step 1

Draw 9 squares on the white paper (6 cm size)

Cut them out.

Cut another 9 squares (6 mm size) from the yellow paper.



Step 2

Take one white square…

… and fold it diagonally from point to point. Press well.

Unfold it.

Fold paper in half…

… Unfold it…

… and then in half again the opposite way.



Step 3

Take a small square…

… and glue it in the middle of the creases.

Do the same for all 9 squares.


Step 4

Take one piece and place it with the clear diagonal in front of you (the one without a crease).

Press the sides back until they unite.

It will look like this.

Cut the corners round (except the yellow corner)

Like this. Do the same for the rest of pieces. Now we have 9 petals.


Step 5

Place one petal over cardboard and draw the cover…

… like this.

Cut it out and make the second one.

Turn one of them upside down and draw something simple. Because Valentines Day is coming up…. I am drawing a heart.

Use the needle to make some holes on the heart outline. Make another hole in the corner. (Do this for the other cover too)


Step 6

Apply a layer of glue on one side of a petal…

… and place the cover over it, aligning it to the yellow corner.

Press well. It will look like that.

Turn it over…

… and add another layer of glue on the petal.

Place another petal on top, aligning the yellow corners…

… and so on, until you add the last petal and the other cover. Let it dry well (it is better to use dry glue).


Step 7

Now… open up.  Surprise!!

Isn’t it beautiful ?!

And you can add a secret message too! With the book almost open, place a finger under one petal, like this, and push up.

A secret place is open where you can write the message.

Close the book, put the thread through the corner holes…

… and you can wear it or give it as a present to someone special.

And, there you have it.  How did your Daisy Book Pendant turn out?  Are you going to wear it yourself or give it to someone special this Valentines Day?   The choice is yours… either way people will surely love it.

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