How to Make Costume Hats

Costume hats are so much fun to make.  There are so many different hats you can make.  You can make a Medieval Hat or a Nurses Hat…. or maybe even a Pirates Hat.  If you are looking for different costume hats to make then you are going to love today’s post.  Today I have a printable diagram of many, many different Costume Hats you can make.  No matter what mood you are in you are sure to find a hat to fit your taste.  So, print of the printable diagram and get started making your hat today.

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How to Make Costume Hats



Click on the image below to make the diagram larger and to print off.

Make costume hat ideas

Leave a comment below and let us know what hats you decided to make.  Better yet, take a picture too and leave that with your comment…. we’d love to see them.

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