How to Make an Afikoman Bag for Passover

Passover starts in about a week and I thought that some of our Jewish followers might want a Passover craft. Today I will show you how to make an Afikoman Bag, which can then be used to hide Matzah for the little kiddies to search for. Although I sewed this Afikoman Bag, you could use fabric glue to put your Afikoman bag together. Learn how to make it below.

How to Make an Afikomen Bag for Passover

Crafts Materials Needed:

Long Piece of Felt or Fabric

A Second Color of Fabric to Use for Letters and Stars

Either Needle and Thread or Fabric Glue


Step 1

step1 step2


You May Use Felt or Fabric, either one is fine. Place a piece of Matza on the Felt and measure out enough felt to place two and a half pieces of matzah. This will be enough felt to make your bag.

Then place the matzah a little bit to the right of the center of the felt. Then fold the felt over the matzah as seen in the picture above.

Step 2




Now sew on either side of the felt (or use fabric glue), as seen in the picture above.


Step 3


Now the right side of the felt will be the flap. You can fold it over now.

Step 4


Like This.

Step 5


Now Push fabric inwards to form a triangle (in the same fashion you would do with wrapping paper when wrapping a present). Pin the triangle in place with a safety pin or sewing pins, then sew the triangle so that the fabric stays like this…this will be the flap.


This is What the Flap Looks Like When Sewn


Above is what the flap looks like when open.



And this is what the flap looks like from the inside.

Step 6


I think yellow and blue are perfect for this craft because it is the colors of Israel and Judaism. Get some yellow felt and cut out some letters. I used Find Me for the outside of the Afikoman bag and Yay for the inside. But I’ve seen ‘Find This’ for the outside and ‘Found It’ on the inside. The normal thing to do is to write Afikoman on the outside or in hebrew  –


Step 7


Before sewing or gluing letters on, put cardboard into the bag to keep you from sewing bag’s two sides together.

Step 8



Sew the letters on the front – ‘Find Me’ or ‘Afikoman’ or אפיקומן  or what you wish.

Sew the letters on the inside – ‘Found Me’ or ‘Yay’ or what you wish.

Finish Up


Now wrap some matzah in a cloth napkin and then place in your bag. Close the flap and then hide it someplace. Let kiddies go searching for it. Give the ones who find the matzah some sort of prize. Have fun and Happy Passover!

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