Moses Parting the Sea Old Testament Bible Exodus Printable Paper Craft for Passover

Moses Parting the Sea Old Testament Bible Exodus Passover Craft

Today, I will share with you a printable paper craft for Passover. This craft is good for Jewish and Christian children as both study the old testament. In this craft, Moses is parting the sea while escaping the Egyptians. All of the Israelites are able to cross the sea, but then the Egyptians are all swallowed up by the sea when it closes back up. This is a perfect craft to celebrate Passover.

How to Make an Afikoman Bag for Passover

How to Make an Afikomen Bag for Passover

Passover starts in about a week and I thought that some of our Jewish followers might want a Passover craft. Today I will show you how to make an Afikoman Bag, which can then be used to hide Matzah for the little kiddies to search for. Although I sewed this Afikoman Bag, you could use fabric glue to put your Afikoman bag together. Learn how to make it on the following page.

Ideas for Kids to Make Seder Plates for Passover

Ideas for Kids to Make Seder Plates for Passover

Passover will be here in just a couple of days. And with Passover comes the wonderful Passover Seder. And, even though we know how fantastic Passover Seder is…. we know how difficult it is to get the kids to sit still and enjoy the Passover Seder. Well, how about if they help out with the Seder? The kids can make the Seder Plate for Passover. Even if it isn’t the main Seder Plate you use for the Seder they can at least work on the Children’s table Passover Seder Plate. Beings that the children helped make the Passover Seder Plate will hold their attention a little more as they will want to pay attention to see how it will be used during the Seder.