How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here is a crafts tutorial to make a Christmas tree from pipe cleaners, safety pins, and some beads. With this craft, you make a beautiful Christmas tree that is also an ornament. Use this step by step tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade.

How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments


– 3 pieces of chenille stem
– green, orange, red, brown crystals / beads
– blue bigger beads
– self – adhesive star
– safety pins

Step 1.

Take one safety pin. Open it.

Put crystals on it, like this.

Close the pin.


Do the same for the other safety pins. You will need 8.

Step 2.

Take 1 piece of chenille stem…

… and put one safety pin on it.

Add two in the other direction, one, two again and one. Like in the picture.

Put another chenille through the ends of the 3 safety pins, like this.

Bring the safety pins ends together.

Raise the ends of the last chenille stem…

… and wrap them one around the other, to make a hanger

Bend the extra chenille to the back of the tree.

Put another one through the other ends of the safety pins…

… and add a blue bead between the safety pins.

It will look like this.

Fix the self-adhesive star on the ornament…

… and it is ready to adorn your Christmas tree.

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