How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here is a crafts tutorial to make a Christmas tree from pipe cleaners, safety pins, and some beads. With this craft, you make a beautiful Christmas tree that is also an ornament.

Check Out These Outrageous Christmas Trees

Outrageous Christmas Trees

I was roaming the internet today for Christmas Trees and I couldn’t believe the creativity I saw. I just had to share with you what I found. I found 9 Christmas Trees that are the most unique and creative out there. There is one totally made from library books and another that is made completely from soda cans. I will share with you those and the ones in between. So, without further ado…..

Make a Mini Christmas Tree Arts & Crafts Project & Activity for Kids


Christmas is coming up soon so it is time to start decorating the house with your arts and crafts projects and activities. This mini Christmas tree will look great on your window sill, or on the table this Christmas. All you need is some paper, scissors and glue. So get started right now- the instructions follow.