How to Make a School Supply Box Craft Idea for Kids


How to Make a School Supply Box Craft Idea for Kids


Get your kids excited about going back to school with this cute and functional organizer. From crayons to calculators, this sturdy box will keep supplies handy for your busy youngsters. This is an affordable craft so it can be totally customized each year according to their current interests and ever-changing style.

Crafts Materials Needed:

Shoe Box

3 to 5 Colors of Construction Paper


Clear Tape

School Theme Stickers

Colored Markers

Paint (optional)

Plastic Peanut Butter Lid

Frozen Juice Can

Instant Pudding Box



How to Make a School Supply Box Craft Idea for Kids

Cover the bottom of the shoe box with construction paper, using tape to secure the edges and corners. Decorate the sides with school theme stickers and use colored markers to personalize the overall look. Next, cover the shoe box lid in a different color of construction paper, securing all edges and corners with tape.

How to Make a School Supply Box Craft Idea for Kids

How to Make a School Supply Box Craft Idea for Kids

How to Make a School Supply Box Craft Idea for Kids

The peanut butter lid, juice can, and pudding box will be the trays on top for organizing supplies. Prepare the trays by cleaning them thoroughly and making sure they are dry. Most peanut butter lids are already a nice primary color so you can choose to leave it as is. For the other two, remove the tops from the containers. Either paint them or cover them with a different color of construction paper.




Attach the trays to the top of the shoe box with glue, paying careful attention to how the weight will be distributed once they are holding supplies. In other words, don’t line them all up along one edge or your box will fall over when used.


After the trays have completely dried, use more school theme stickers, treasures from summer vacation, and colored markers to complete the decorations. This is a good time to allow your child to add a little funkiness to his or her box. Glue on pom-poms, glitter, googly eyes, tiny creatures, or happy meal toys. Keep in mind that your child will be using this box every day at homework time so it needs to be something that is fun to look at and is all about them.



When everything is in place, the decorations have been completed, and it is completely dry, fill the box with school supplies. Place the lid on top and organize the most used items in the trays. They can hold almost anything your child will need.



One great thing I have discovered since my child started preschool with his own school supply box is the portability. If he wants his Nana to help him with his homework one night, he really enjoys packing up his supplies and holding his box on his lap in the car. There is a sense of pride that comes with having your own little box of supplies and he looks forward to homework every day. Crafting with your child is a time to bond and I hope your kids will enjoy this project the whole school year. Be sure to pass this idea along to moms who home school as they have an even greater challenge in keeping supplies from taking over their entire house.


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