How to make Cat Ears out of lace

Kitty cats can be cute and cuddly….. but on Halloween they can also be pretty spooky.  Either way…. cute and cuddly or spooky…. I have a great costume for you.  Today I will be showing you how to make Cat ears out of lace perfect for Halloween…. or to play dress-up any time of year.  Keep an eye out… later today I will show you how to make a Cat mask to go with your ears.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you how to make Cat Ears, step-by-step.



– lace
– pen
– riband
– wire (not too soft)
– needle and thread
– scissors
– round nose pliers (optional)


Step 1 – The Armature

Cut the wire in two.

Take one piece of wire and bend it in half. Take care that the two sides should be curved, not straight, to look like cat ears.

Make loops on both ends of the wire – that will help us to fix it on the riband.

Repeat to make the armature for the second ear.

They will stay on the riband like this. Now, is time to verify if the size is OK… and correct it if it is not.



Step 2. – Lace the ears

Take the lace and look at it carefully. See how you can use it for best results. I chose to use the swirls to highlight the ears.

Draw the contour of the wire on the lace…

… and cut it out, like this.

You will need 2 lace pieces for every ear so 4 in total.


Step 3 – Completing the ears

Start sewing the margins of 2 lace pieces together…

… like this. The lower side will stay un-sewed.

Sew one side and half of the other…

…then put the wire inside. Like this.

Now, finish sewing the second side too.

Do the same for the other ear.


Step 4 – Link the ears to the riband

Start to cover the riband with lace, by turning around it…

… like this.

Using the needle and thread… sew and wrap the lace over the riband.

When you arrive at the place where the ear should be, place it like this (with the two sides of the lace around the riband)…

…  and sew through it. Take care at the edges of the ears to sew through the wire loops, for stability.

Do the same with the other ear… that’s  all.

Now, you have funky and awesome lace cat ears.  Any child will look so cute dressed up as a cat with these ears.  Or, for that matter…. any adult.  No reason that an adult can’t dress-up too.  Go for it!!   It will be purrrr-fect.   🙂

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