How to make a Cat Mask out of leather

Are you planning on being a cat for Halloween?  Did you want something original that no other person will be wearing?  Why not make it yourself?  I have an awesome Cast Mask craft to show you that turns out outstanding.  In this post I will show you how to make a cat mask out of leather.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade will show you how to make a Cat Mask out of leather, step-by-step.



– lace
– pen
– leather (for the best results it must be vegetable tanned leather)
– ribbon
– card stock (or you can use a recycled paper folded in two, to be thicker)
– scissors
– silver paint for textiles
– glue for textiles
– double adhesive tape

Also, you will need a Leather Hole Punch – you can use a thick needle, though, but is easier with this tool.


Step 1 – The Template

Take the sheet of card stock (or, in my case the folded paper)…

And fold it in half.

Use a mirror and hold the folded card stock up to your face. Position the fold of the paper on the middle of the nose.

Using your pen… draw a scribble circle in the area of your eye. Also make a mark where the bottom of your nose is…

…like this.

Using the eye area and the nose mark as a guide, draw half of the mask. The eye is important… you must be sure it is big enough.

It’s time for the first check… Go back to the mirror and hold it up to your face again. Look at the eye hole vs. your real eye. The hole must be a bit bigger. Also, if you want to make some changes… now is time to do them.

Cut out the template.

To cut the eye, poke a hole and then use the scissors.

Unfold the template.

Now you must do the second check… If it doesn’t fit well, it’s time to start over. If you are satisfied… let’s make it permanent.



Step 2 – Cutting the leather

Take your tape…

And put some small pieces on key spots on the back of the template, to prevent it from shifting around.

Find a good spot on the leather and lay out the template.

Using your pen, trace the contour of your template…

… like that.

Now, cut out the mask. The outside is easy enough to do with scissors alone.

It will look like that.

To cut the eye holes you will use the leather hole punch.

Make a hole on the edge of the eye mark…

… then continue with your scissors.

This is the mask.


Step 3 – Forming the mask

This step must be made without any interruption, because otherwise it will ruin your mask.

First, you must soak the mask through. You will see it changing its color a bit (on other colors it is more visible). Make sure you get the back wet as well. Once it is soaked… take it out of the water and pat it dry with a towel.

Put the leather to your face, pressing down on the sides of your nose and the sides of your face (the red marked spots on the image.)

That way the mask will take the form of your face.

Keep the mask like this until it is holding its shape.

It will take some time to do that.

When it is holding its shape you can start adding some personality to it.

Where the mask makes points… pinch into rounded tips.

Also, you can exaggerate the nose fold. This area tends to be the focus of the mask.

Keep placing it onto your face and pushing it into shape.

When you are finished… you can let it somewhere – keeping its form – to completely dry.


Step 4 – Decorating the mask

Since it is in the proper shape now, you can use the hole punch… punch a hole in a good spot for the ribbon to go.  To find out where the holes should be placed…  grab the edges of the mask in your hands and hold it up to your face. Ask yourself… where is the most weight being pulled? That is the place where you must make the holes.

Take the lace and observe it carefully. Are there any parts on it that will enhance the mask? I chose to use the spirals to decorate the eyes…

… so I cut out two.

Apply a layer of glue on one piece of lace…

… and place it on its place. Don’t mind the thick part, we will glue it later. Also, don’t mind the glue – it will be transparent when its dry.

Do the same for the other eye.

Until the glue is dry… you can decorate with the paint.

I made some points on the brow.

Now that the glue is dry enough… apply a new layer on the upper edge of the eye and force the thinner part of lace there. If you hold it a little, it will stay.

Let’s apply a bit of glue on the lower edge of the eyes too.

We don’t put anything there, but when it is dry it will look wet.

Also, you can add some silver paint on the top of the nose and draw some whiskers.  And, you could also add a bit on the edges of the mask.


Step 5 – Finishing the mask

Take the ribbon and cut it in two.

Put one half through one of the holes made with the hole punch…

… and make a knot on it, so it does not slip away.

Do the same on the other side… the mask is ready to go.

Now, THAT is one Rock’n Cat Mask.  You can almost guarantee that your Cat Mask with be different than any other you are sure to see this Halloween.  And, be sure to wear it along with the Cat Ears craft we made earlier today.  Worn together….. you will be a HUGE hit this Halloween.

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