How to Sew a “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day

How to Sew a Shamrock Lucky Cat

Do you want to learn how to make and sew a stuffed animal named “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day? This stuffed cat is covered in shamrocks and isn’t too tough to make. Learn how to make this kitty cat in the following craft tutorial.

How to Make Gloves with Claws for Halloween

How to make a Glove with claws for Halloween

Are you still trying to figure out how to add an extra scary effect to your Halloween costume this year? Well, I just might have the perfect idea for you. Why not make these Gloves with Claws for Halloween? They are sure to make any costume you are planning to wear even more scary. Even if you are planning to be a cat this year…. you can’t do it without claws or your costume is just not finished. Add these scary Gloves with Claws for a truly scary effect this Halloween. Let’s get started.

Black Cat Foldable Paper Toy Craft for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner so I put together a bunch of Halloween characters that you can fold out of paper. These are Halloween figurines that are very easy to print out, fold, and paste together. This specific character is a black cat, however I decided to make the cat cute instead of scary. …

How to Make a Kitty Cat out of a Heart Valentines Day Box

How to Make a Kitty Cat out of a Heart Valentines Day Box

I have a fun craft for you today….. and the coolest part is you will get to use your old Valentines Day Heart Box that you had been given as a gift on Valentines Day. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Kitty Cat out of a Heart Valentines Day Box. This cat is made from tissue paper and paper plates….. it is so much fun to make. Once you are done with this craft not only will you have a cute kitty cat, but you will also have a super cool box to store whatever you would like. So, let’s get started.

How to make a Cat Mask out of leather

Are you planning on being a cat for Halloween? Did you want something original that no other person will be wearing? Why not make it yourself? I have an awesome Cast Mask craft to show you that turns out outstanding. In this post I will show you how to make a cat mask out of leather.

How to make Cat Ears out of lace

Kitty cats can be cute and cuddly….. but on Halloween they can also be pretty spooky. Either way…. cute and cuddly or spooky…. I have a great costume for you. Today I will be showing you how to make Cat ears out of lace perfect for Halloween…. or to play dress-up any time of year. Keep an eye out… later today I will show you how to make a Cat mask to go with your ears.

How to make Halloween Glasses

I love making a big deal about Halloween…. dressing up in festive Halloween clothing and wearing funky Halloween jewelry. But, have you ever thought of doing more? Something that will undoubtedly get everyone’s attention? How about wearing blinged out Halloween Glasses? In this post I will show you how to transform everyday glasses into a fun pair of Halloween Glasses.