How to Sew a “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day

How to Sew a Shamrock Lucky Cat

Do you want to learn how to make and sew a stuffed animal named “Lucky Cat” for Saint Patrick’s Day? This stuffed cat is covered in shamrocks and isn’t too tough to make. Learn how to make this kitty cat in the following craft tutorial.

How to make a Cat Mask out of leather

Are you planning on being a cat for Halloween? Did you want something original that no other person will be wearing? Why not make it yourself? I have an awesome Cast Mask craft to show you that turns out outstanding. In this post I will show you how to make a cat mask out of leather.

How to make Cat Ears out of lace

Kitty cats can be cute and cuddly….. but on Halloween they can also be pretty spooky. Either way…. cute and cuddly or spooky…. I have a great costume for you. Today I will be showing you how to make Cat ears out of lace perfect for Halloween…. or to play dress-up any time of year. Keep an eye out… later today I will show you how to make a Cat mask to go with your ears.