How to Make a Christmas Candle Arrangement

Today I’m going to show you how to make a Christmas Candle Arrangement.  This Christmas Candle Arrangement makes for a beautiful tabletop decoration this Holiday Season.  Make more than one candle arrangement and put them around the house as decorations.  Or, better yet….. make a few of these Christmas Candle Arrangements and give them as a gift this Christmas.  Whatever you decide to do with this craft it is sure to be a big hit this Christmas Season.

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Materials required:

Old toilet paper roll

Crepe paper – red, green

Glitter glue – gold


Paint – Red



A candle


Step 1

Cut through the toilet paper roll as shown below.




Step 2

Cut out a small ring of toilet paper roll about 6 cm wide.



Step 3

Overlap the ends to make a smaller roll. Tape the ends in place as shown.



Step 4

Place the candle inside the ring and stuff it with bits of torn green crepe paper. Tear the paper long enough that it comes out of the ring as shown below.



Step 5

Paint the toilet paper roll with red acrylic paint.



Step 6

Make a design on it with gold glitter glue as shown.



Step 7

Make small balls out of torn red crepe paper as shown.



Step 8

Glue the balls near the base of the candle as shown



Step 9

Place the candle on your table and you’re ready for Chistmas dinner!!


There you go…. you just finished making a Christmas Candle Arrangement.  Now, make a few more to decorate your house with this Holiday Season.  Or, have you decided to give them away as gifts?  Good for you…. either way they are sure to be enjoyed.

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