How to Make a Joy Christmas Decoration

Believe it or not it is December already.  Now is the time to get in the Christmas spirit.  This craft will get you in the Christmas spirit for sure.  Today I’m going to show you how to make a Joy Christmas Decoration.  This Christmas decoration is perfect to hang on a door knob or even your Christmas tree.  You can even make other words like, Peace, Hope and Love too.  So, let’s get started.

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Craft materials required:


Thick Colored Paper

Hole Punch





Step 1

Cut out 3  squares of about 5 cm wide each side, in different colors.

joy ornament



Step 2

Cut out letters J, O and Y (you can also use stickers instead).



Step 3

Stick the letters on the squares on contrasting colors.

JOY ornament2


Step 4

Punch one hole near every corner as shown.



Step 5

Take a piece of ribbon through the Y letter bottom hole as shown. (from back to front)



Step 6

Through the second hole on Y , take the ribbon back. Arrange all the other letters as shown and cut the ribbon length as required.



Step 7

Repeat the process of weaving the ribbon through O and J



Step 8

Complete the weaving as shown.  Turn to the back of the ornament and tape all the ribbons in place.  Your ornament is ready.

joy ornament3

What a beautiful Christmas decoration, huh?!  As I said above, you can use this tutorial to make more of these Christmas decorations with other words like Peace, Hope and Love…. wouldn’t that look festive hanging on all your door knobs?  It sure would.

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