How To Make a Fresh Flower Bracelet

Spring is so close you could almost taste it.  And, with that being said I thought we would celebrate Spring with doing a craft that is totally about flowers.  Today I’m going to show you how to make a Fresh Flower Bracelet.  If you would prefer you could make this into a garland by making the Fresh Flower bracelet even longer.  The choice is yours.  I used the Temple Flower for this craft.  Fresh flowers look best.  So, let’s get started.

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Materials Needed

8-10 pieces of fresh flowers (per bracelet, more for garland)
needle (medium hole)


Step 1

Clean flowers, make sure bugs or insects are not present. You do not necessarily need to wash them.


Step 2

Place string inside the needle hole and poke it inside the flower, with its petals facing towards you.


Step 3

With the needle point slightly out on the back, gently pull it out and do the same procedure until the desired length.


Step 4

Check length if it is enough to cover the wrist. With a scissors, cut the string.


Step 5

Make a knot to securely tie both ends. Adjust accordingly.

And, your gorgeous Fresh Flower Bracelet is complete.  Doesn’t it look absolutely beautiful…. and if you used fresh flowers like I did it should smell equally lovely.  Enjoy!!

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