Haunted House Crafts Perfect for Halloween

Haunted House Crafts Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is coming up quickly.  After all, it is at the end of this month.  When you think of Halloween what do you think of?  Probably bats, jack-o-lanterns and witches.  But, don’t forget the place they all live.  That’s right…. I’m talking about a Haunted House.  There is not much scarier than a Haunted House.  So, with that being said I am dedicating today’s craft to Haunted Houses.  I scoured the internet looking for an assortment of different kinds of Haunted House crafts perfect for Halloween.  With all 17 of these Haunted House crafts I have listed here you are sure to find one you will love.  So, without further ado….

Haunted House Crafts Perfect for Halloween

(1)   Haunted House Centerpiece

Haunted House Centerpiece

If you are throwing a Halloween party and you are looking for something to have as a centerpiece…. then I have the perfect craft for you.  Busy Bee Kids Crafts shows you how to make this spooky Haunted House Centerpiece step-by-step.


(2)  Paper Bag Haunted House

Paper Bag Haunted House

This Paper Bag Haunted House is perfect for decorating your house for Halloween, but it is also wonderful to use as party favors for a Halloween party.  You can fill these bags with goodies for the kids…. they will love it.  I found this craft over at Kaboose and it looks like a ton of fun.


(3) Haunted House Milk Carton (You can Fill This One with Treats)

Haunted House Milk Carton for Treats

This one is on our site and is made from a simple milk carton or creamer carton. All you have to do is fill with treats or candy, tape closed, wrap with paper, and decorate. Here are the craft instructions.

(4)   Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

Here is a great Haunted House craft perfect for the youngest of children.  All Kids Network shows you how to make this Halloween craft and it is almost totally made up of Popsicle sticks.  And, we all know how much kids love making things with Popsicle sticks…. almost as much as they love eating the Popsicles.


(5)   Haunted Gingerbread House

Haunted Gingerbread House

Now, tell me how awesome this Haunted House is!!  It is just incredible…. and it is totally edible.  Gotta love that!!  I found this Haunted House craft over at Sisteroo and I hope you love it as much as I do.  This Gingerbread Haunted House makes for a perfect decoration or an edible treat for a Halloween party.

(6) Haunted House Pop Up Cards

Haunted House Pop Up Cards

Here is another Haunted House craft this from this site. Everyone loves pop up cards and this is one of the simplest types that you can make. We will teach you how to make these with just a few slits and a bit of folding. Find out the instructions here.


(7)  Cardboard Box Haunted House

Cardboard Box Haunted House

How cute is this Haunted House?  So cute!!  And, it is made out of an item you probably have laying around the house…. a cardboard box.  I found this Halloween craft over at Spoonful and it is a great find.  Check out this craft and get all the haunted details.


(8)  Spooky S’mores Haunted House

Spooky S'mores Haunted House

YUMMY!!  Here is another edible Haunted House craft.  I love the edible crafts.    If you love S’mores then you are going to surely love this craft.  Check out Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons for all the yummy spooky details.


(9)  Shoe Box Haunted House

Shoe Box Haunted House

I just love those crafts where you can find the materials needed right in your home.  And, this craft is one of them.  Scribble Press shows you step-by-step how to make this creepy Haunted House out of a shoe box….. very clever!!


(10)  Poster Board Haunted House

Poster Board Haunted House

I love this Haunted House craft!!  I think what I love so much is the fact that this Haunted House is very narrow and tall…. it gives it a very creepy vibe.  Perfect for a Halloween decoration.  I found this Haunted House craft over at Crissy’s Crafts.  You have to check it out for yourself.


(11)  Paper Mâche Haunted House

Paper Mache Haunted House

Kids love working with Paper Mâche…. and making this Paper Mâche Haunted House will be no exception.  And, this haunted house really turns out amazing.  Get all the Halloween craft details over at Woman’s Day.


(12)  Mod Podge Haunted House

Mod Podge Haunted House

How amazing is this Haunted House?  So amazing!!  Mod Podge is a material that kids love working with…. they just do.  I know my children do.  Here B-Inspired Mama shows you how you too can make this incredible Haunted House using Mod Podge.


(13)  Spooky Haunted House

Spooky Haunted House

 AllYou shows you how to take an old dollhouse and make it into this awesome Haunted House.  Your kids are sure to get a kick out of using their old dollhouse and making it into a Haunted House.  Check out the website for all the craft details.


(14)  Heebie Jeebie Haunted House

Heebie Jeebie Haunted House

I found this Haunted House craft over at Crayola.  This Halloween craft is perfect if you are having a Halloween party.  Make a bunch of these Haunted Houses and use them to store candy…. hand them out as a Halloween Party favor.  How fun is that?!


(15)  Cardboard Boxes & Rolls Haunted House

Cardboard Boxes & Rolls Haunted House

Isn’t this a rock’n Haunted House?!  Or, should I say…. Haunted Mansion?!  I love it.  Patheos used different sized cardboard boxes and cardboard rolls to make this Haunted House craft.  It is a clever idea and it came out amazing.  Check out her site to see it for yourself.


(16)  Cereal Box Haunted House

Cereal Box Haunted House

What a great Haunted House.  And, what it totally cool about this Halloween craft is that it is simply made from a cereal box.  I love when you can find your craft materials right at home…. and in this case you can.  Check out Fun Lab Blog for all the Haunted House Craft details.


(17)  Glow in the Dark Haunted House

Glow in the Dark Haunted House

You know what is spooky?  Something that glows in the dark….. like this Haunted House.  I’m not sure why, but an item that has a glowing effect is just 10 times spookier.  And, it’s perfect for Halloween.  Make sure to check out Craft Project Ideas for the step-by-step “how-to” on making this Glow in the Dark Haunted House.

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