How to Make a Fairy Skirt Costume for Halloween

Earlier today I showed you How to Make a Fairy Mask for Halloween.  But your Fairy Costume wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have a Fairy Skirt to wear along with it.  I have an easy craft to show you how to make a Fairy Skirt using some green and cream tulle.  Tulle is a wonderfully light material perfect for Fairys.  After all, how else could a Fairy fly around like she does if she wasn’t wearing something light like Tulle.  Your little girl will love this fairy skirt…. she will surely use it well after Halloween is over for dress-up fun.   So, let’s get started.

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Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade   will show you, step by step, how to make it.

How to make Fairy Skirts for Costumes on Halloween


Materials Needed

– tulle : green and cream colored
– elastic cord
– scissors


Step 1

Cut strips of tulle with a width of 2 cm. The strips must be twice the length of the skirt.

Green and cream tulle…. When you think you have enough you can begin to assemble the skirt.


Step 2

Take the cord…

… and place it behind  one strip folded in half.

Bring the ends through the loop, over the cord…

… and pull to get a knot.

Add another one…

… and another one… and so on.

Take care to alternate the green and cream strips and all the knots to be oriented in one direction, for the strips to sit well.


Step 3

When you added enough strips, just tie the ends of the cord …

… and the skirt is ready.

 NOTE: I am using a doll as example, but the skirt is actually meant for girls.

What a beautiful fairy skirt to wear over leggings this Halloween.  Make sure to Make the Fairy Mask to wear with this Fairy Skirt…. it will complete your Fairy Costume this Halloween.

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