How to Make a Fairy Mask for Halloween

Little girls love to be Fairys.  They just do.  But, sometimes those store bought Fairy Masks can be a real nuisance to wear during Trick-or-Treating.  Well, I have a treat for you today.  I’m going to show you how to Make a Fairy Mask for Halloween.  This Fairy Mask is made with Tulle so it is wonderfully light.  Not like those plastic or vinyl store bought Fairy Masks…. this mask is simply beautiful.  Plus, your little girl will have a blast making her mask too…. almost as much as wearing it.  Keep an eye out as I will show you How to Make a Fairy Skirt Costume later today.

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Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this.



Materials Needed

– mask template (you can download it from here)
– transparent foil
– scissors
– a piece of tulle
– silver textile paint
– silver ribbon
– tape


Step 1

Print the template and fix it on the table with tape.

Place on top of it the transparent foil and fix it with tape.

Over the foil place the tulle and fix it with tape also.

Now the setting is ready.


Step 2

Take the silver textile paint (multi-surface paint will work fine too)…

… and trace the pattern with it.

Take care to follow every swirl and every line and don’t touch the lines you already painted.

When you finish it will look like this. Let it dry overnight.


Step 3

Gently peel tulle away from the transparent foil.

It will look like this.

Cut out around the mask, including eye holes.

Like this.

Cut the ribbon in two and fix them with paint (or with craft glue) to the mask…


… like this.

Let it dry well and your mask is ready.

Didn’t this Fairy Mask come out amazing?!  Any Fairy would love to wear this Fairy Mask for Halloween.  Keep an eye out as I will be showing you How to Make a Fairy Skirt Costume next.

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