My Favorite Mayflower Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here in no time at all.  And, one of the lessons we try to teach our children about the Thanksgiving Holiday is the Pilgrims and the Mayflower.  What I found during lessons is that teaching them visually is the easiest way to get them to understand…. hence doing a craft.  So, today I thought I would show you my Favorite Mayflower Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving.  I found these Mayflower crafts while searching the internet.  They are all really incredible and a ton of fun.  Surely, you will be able to find some Mayflower craft ideas from this list….. use them to help teach your children about the Pilgrims and their travel on the Mayflower.

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My Favorite Mayflower Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

My Favorite Mayflower Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

(1)  Model Mayflower

Model Mayflower

Here is a wonderful way to make a model Mayflower.  Made from disposable coffee cups and coffee stirrers this is a great way to recycle items as well as teach your children about the Mayflower.  I found this Mayflower craft over at Parenting.  Make sure to check it out.


(2)  Hand Print Mayflower

Hand Print Mayflower

I love this Mayflower craft.  It is just simply adorable.  And, any young crafter will have a lot of fun making it.  I found this Thanksgiving craft over at Almost Unschoolers.  Make sure to check out her site to get all the Mayflower craft details.


(3)  Mayflower Walnut Boat

Mayflower Walnut Boat

Even we have our own Mayflower crafts.  Here is our first one.  We will show you how to make a Mayflower out of a walnut.  And, what is really cool about this Mayflower craft is that the boat will actually float in water.  Check out How to Make a Mayflower Walnut Boat to make one for yourself.


(4)  Mayflower Paper Plate Craft

Mayflower Paper Plate Craft

Here is a fun Mayflower craft that your little ones will really enjoy.  The Crafty Classroom will show you how to take two paper plates and a popsicle stick and make it into this awesome Mayflower.  Oh boy, this sounds like fun.


(5)  The Mayflower Simplified

Mayflower Simpliefied

I love this bloggers idea.  Her idea was to come up with a Mayflower craft that she could make with young children.  I Can Teach My Child came up with this idea and it is a great one.  Made from a paper towel roll, a straw and some other materials this craft will take on a life of its own.  Share it with your child…. they will love it.


(6)  Mayflower Sandwich

Mayflower Sandwich

I just couldn’t pass this one up.  I know it’s not technically a craft, but it is a Mayflower recipe that you and your little ones can have fun putting together.  Little Nummies put this one together and it is just precious.  Made from bread, cream cheese and pretzels this yummy recipe will be a whole lot of fun to put together… almost as much fun as eating it.


(7)  Mayflower Photo Craft

Mayflower Photo Craft

This is a great Thanksgiving craft to enhance your teachings of the Pilgrims, Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving.  Here Classified Mom adds actual photos of her own children to better engage her children in the lesson.  You can do the same.


(8)  Mayflower Crayon Holder

Mayflower Crayon Holder

I love, love, love this idea.  Made from a creamer container this Mayflower actually holds crayons.  I think this Mayflower craft will be perfect for the Thanksgiving Kids Table.  Imagine every child having one of these Mayflower Crayon Holders on Thanksgiving…. the fun they will have.  Check out It’s Overflowing for all the craft details.


(9)  Mayflower Milk Carton Craft

Mayflower Milk Carton Craft

Made from a milk carton and some tissue paper this Mayflower Craft is sure to be a fun one.  Hidden underneath the tissue paper are some apples…. perfectly festive for the fall season.  Check out Creative Holiday Gift Ideas to find out how you too can make this with your children.


(10)  Mayflower Hats

Mayflower Hats

What kid doesn’t love hats?  They just all do.  And, these Mayflower hats will be no exception.  Spoonful shows you step-by-step how to make these adorable and festive hats.  Make a few and have them ready for the kids table at Thanksgiving.  All the children will love to wear them.


(11)  Mayflower Centerpiece

Mayflower Centerpiece

Why not center your entire Thanksgiving Meal around the Mayflower…. or perhaps the kids table.  Martha Stewart shows you how to with these very detailed instructions on how you too could have a Mayflower Centerpiece.


(12)  Mayflower Cut, Tape & Play

Mayflower Cut Tape Play

Homespun With Love shows you how you can print off this really cool Mayflower and let your kids cut, tape and then play with this Mayflower.  Use this as a visual tool when teaching your children about the Mayflower, the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.


(13)  Mayflower Popsicle Craft

Mayflower Popsicle Craft

Here is a fun Mayflower craft that all the children will love.  Made from Construction Paper and Popsicle Sticks it is very likely you have all the craft materials needed right in your home.  Ramblings of a Crazy Woman will show you in detail how to make this craft…. she even shows you how to make waves to remind us how the Pilgrims endured a lot to find their way here.


(14)  Moving Mayflower

Moving Mayflower

Here is another of our Mayflower crafts from our very own site.  This Mayflower craft is a little bit different than the others because it can actually move.  Made with items like a paper towel roll, craft sticks and string this moveable mayflower will make the kids smile.  Gotta love something that actually moves.  Check out our site to find out how to make this Moveable Mayflower.


(15)  Mini Mayflower

Mini Mayflower

Get the kids excited about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower with this mini mayflower craft.  Made from a milk container this mayflower is the perfect size for little kids hands.  The kids will love to play with this mayflower and it also makes the perfect Thanksgiving decoration.  Check out Parents Connect for all the details.


(16)  Cardboard Tube Mayflower

Cardboard Tube Mayflower

When I found this Mayflower craft I thought it was quite original.  I found this Thanksgiving craft over at Naturally Educational.  Here she uses a cardboard tube along with some twigs to make her original Mayflower craft.  Make sure to check out her site for all the step-by-step details.  She also adds some Mayflower book choices to help you teach your children about the Mayflower.

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