How to Make a Pop-up Christmas Card

Today I’m going to show you how to make a very special greeting card for the Christmas Holiday.  In particular I’m going to show you how to make a Pop-up Christmas card.  Anyone receiving this Christmas card will love it… not only because it came from you, but also because of the 3-D effect of the card.  In this post I will show you how to make a Pop-up Christmas tree that actually sticks out of the card when opened.  Add a special note to your card and it is ready to send out for Christmas to a friend or family member.

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Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade will show you how to make this, step by step.


Materials Needed

– cardboard
– green paper
– green pen
– glue
– scissors
– green glitter glue


Step 1

Fold the cardboard in half.

Fold the upper corners outward at about 2/3 of their height…

… like this.


Step 2

At 2/3 of height, cut in waves until you reach the crease…

… it will look like this.

Make another 2 – 3 waved cuts…

… like this.


Step 3

Press the lower part (under the first cut) behind…

… like this. It will look like the tree stem.


Step 4

Fold the green paper in half.

Apply a layer of glue on the cardboard until you reach the creases…

… and place it over the green paper, like this.

Do the same on the other part.


Step 5

Take the green pen …

and write “Seasons Greetings” beside the tree.

Add some glitter glue globes on the tree and your greeting card is ready .

And, there you have it.  You just made a beautiful and festive Pop-up Greeting card for Christmas.  The receiver will love it!!

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