Awesomely Cool Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft Ideas

Awesomely Cool Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day is next month.  Now is the time to start getting your Valentine’s Day Mailboxes ready for February.  Valentine’s Day mailboxes are a great way to collect your Valentine’s Day cards from all your friends and family members.  I have searched the internet and found some really wonderful and awesomely cool Valentine’s Day Mailboxes.  Surely, out of all the Valentine’s Day mailbox crafts I have listed in this post you will find one that fits your needs…. plus, it promises to be tons of fun for you and the kids.

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Awesomely Cool Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft Ideas

(1)  Valentine Stick Box

Valentine Stick Box

Here is a super cute way to hold all your Valentine’s Day cards this year.  Made from 65 skill sticks this Valentine’s Mailbox will surely be a ton of fun to make.  I found this craft over at Making Friends…. check it out for yourself.


(2)  Cardboard Box Valentine Mailbox

Cardboard Box Valentine Mailbox

Now, isn’t this Valentine Mailbox super cute?  It really is.  Spoonful shows us how to take a rectangular cardboard box and make it into something very useful…. collecting your Valentine’s Day cards.  Sounds like a lot of fun to me.


(3)  Robot Valentine’s Day Box

Robot Valentine's Day Box

Oh boy…. this Valentine Mailbox is outrageously adorable.  I found this craft at eHow and I just love the idea.  Here they use recycled materials… like shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls to make this mailbox.  Gotta love that!!


(4)  Crepe Paper Flowers Valentine Box

Crepe Paper Flowers Valentine Box

Wow…. what girl wouldn’t just love this Valentine Box.  Plus, it is so much fun to make.  Using crepe paper streamers of different shades of pink Todays Fabulous Finds shows you step-by-step how to make this beautiful Valentine Mailbox.


(5)  Valentine’s Day Suitcase Mailbox

Valentine's Day Suitcase Mailbox

Here is a unique Valentine’s Day Mailbox craft…. and it is one of ours from a previous year.  In this post we show you how to take a recycled cereal box and transform it into this functional suitcase Valentine Mailbox to hold all your cards.  Check out How to Make this Valentine’s Day Suitcase Mailbox for yourself.


(6)  Valentine’s Day Card Holder

Valentine's Day Card Holder

Here is a great way to make a Valentine’s Day card holder using a couple of plastic plates.  Plastic plates are very durable and a great way to hold all of your Valentine’s Day cards.  Plus, this craft is not only easy, but also a lot of fun to make.  Check out Free Kids Crafts for all the details.


(7)  Card Stock Mailbox

Card Stock Mailbox

Wow, this mailbox is really beautiful…. and perfect for holding your Valentine’s Day cards.  Splitcoast Stampers shows you how you too can make this Card Stock Valentine Mailbox.  Check out the site to find the link to her very own template to make one for yourself.


(8)  Conversation Heart Mailbox

Conversation Heart Mailbox

Here is another Valentine Mailbox that is made from a cereal box.  I love the crafts that use recycled materials…. it just makes me feel so good.  Kaboose shows us how to make this adorable Valentine Mailbox that promises to be not only easy, but a lot of fun as well.


(9)  Paper Doily Heart Valentine Box

Paper Doily Heart Valentine Box

Here is another Valentine Mailbox that came from our site last Valentine’s Day.  Here we show you how to take some paper doilies that you can get at a dollar store or discount store and also use our printable template to make this fully functional and adorable heart mailbox.  Check out How to Make a Paper Doily Heart Valentine Box for all the craft details.


(10)  Valentine Card Holder Purse

Valentine Card Holder Purse

Okay, I know that most girls are just going to love this Valentine card holder.  Made from a half gallon ice cream container this card holder purse is simply adorable.  I found this craft over at and it is amazing.  What a great way for any little girl to hold on to her Valentine’s Day cards.


(11)  Crazy Card Carrier

Crazy Card Carrier

Here is a wonderful way to carry your Valentine’s Day cards to and from your Valentine’s Day party destination.  Made from card stock and a gift bag this Valentine’s Day Mailbox Craft is just simply adorable.  Check out Spoonful for all the fun details.


(12)  Bear Valentine Bag

Bear Valentine Bag

This bear is a cutie patootie and will surely be helpful carrying your Valentine’s Day cards back and forth.  Made from a small brown gift bag it will surely be a lot of fun to make.  The kids can use their imagination to decorate the bear bag as they wish.  Check out All Kids Network to see the craft for yourself.


(13)  Tin Valentine Boxes

Tin Valentine Boxes

Here are some Tin Valentine Mailboxes…. a craft I found at The Dating Divas.  They are super cute and perfect to have for each one of your family members to collect their Valentine’s Day cards.  Make one for each of the members in your family.  They are durable enough to use every Valentine’s Day.


(14)  Kleenex Box Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Kleenex Box Valentine's Day Mailbox

Here is another fun and easy Valentine’s Day Mailbox that you can make with your kids.  Made from an empty tissue box it is another great way to make something from recycled materials. shows you how to make this adorable Valentine’s Day mailbox step-by-step.

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