Cool Candy Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Cool Candy Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it.  Kids love handing out Valentine’s Day Cards…. they just love it.  Plus, they love receiving them as well.  I don’t know about you, but every year I try to help my kids come up with different Valentine Card ideas than the year before.   It gets difficult after a while to keep coming up with unique ideas.  Well, I thought I would help you with that by showing you some really cool Candy Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids.  I found them all while scrounging the internet for you.  Each are unique and a ton of fun to make.  I’m sure you and your kids will find something here that they will enjoy making and giving to their friends and family.  So, let’s get started.

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Cool Candy Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

 (1) Now or Later Valentines Cards

Now or Later Valentines Cards

Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to combine these tasty treats with a clever written label to make a wonderful Valentine’s Day Card.  “Will You Be Mine Now or Later?”  How clever is that?!  The receivers will love it.


(2)  Dynamic Duo Valentine Cards

Dynamic Duo Valentine Cards

We’re two of a kind.   That is the saying you can use when you are putting together this tasty Valentine Card.  I found this cool candy Valentine’s Day card over at Spoonful.  They also offer some other clever sayings to use on other Valentine Cards so you don’t say the same thing to everybody.


(3)  Candy Doggy Card

Candy Doggy Card

Made with Tootsie Rolls this Candy Dog Valentine Card is sure to be a big hit in the classroom this year.  This is one of our fun crafts.  It is an easy craft and is inexpensive too…. gotta love that.  Check it out to find out how to make this Candy Doggy Card.


(4)  Candy Rings

Candy Rings

Here is a fun Candy Valentines craft that the children will love…. both the receiver and the giver.  These are Candy Rings…. perfect for Valentine’s Day.  I found this over at Kaboose.  Here they use a chenille stem per ring plus a wrapped candy.  These are so cute!!


(5)  Cupcake Goodies

Cupcake Goodies

These are simply brilliant…. and I’m sure absolutely delicious.  Made with cupcake liners and your favorite candy these are sure to be a big hit with your family and friends.  Add a special Valentine’s note to add a loving touch.  Check out this craft at Martha Stewart.


(6)  You Rock Valentines

You Rock Valentines

Show somebody how much you love them with this unique Valentines idea.  Made with Pop Rocks candy this Valentines sends out an awesome message…. that the receiver “Rocks”.  I found this Candy Valentines Card at Fiskars.  Check it out for yourself.


(7)  You Make Me Snicker

You Make Me Snicker

This Candy Valentine’s Day card is just simply adorable.  I found this craft over at Craft-O-Maniac.  Here she uses pictures of her daughter with the words, “I Like You, You Make Me Snicker!” on it.  Add a snicker candy and you have yourself a Valentine’s Card.


(8)  Valentines Critter

Valentines Critter

Here is another one of our very own Candy Valentine’s Day Cards.  It is an adorable little critter holding a yummy lollipop and a heart that reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day”.   That pretty much says it all, right?  Check out our How to Make a Valentines Critter for yourself.


(9)  Butterfly Valentines

Butterfly Valentines

This butterfly is so super cute!!  And, it is really a fun and easy Candy Valentine’s Day Card to make.  You can find the craft details at Skip To My Lou.  At that site they offer a printable template that you can print off on card stock.  Do a bit of cutting and add a lollipop.  You will be good to go.


(10)  I’ve Got a Crush on You

I've Got a Crush on You

I just love this Valentine’s Day Card idea…. I just couldn’t pass up adding it to this post.  It is not quite a Valentine Card, but it is definitely an adorable Valentine message to give to a special someone.  Use Crush soda along with a special message…. “I’ve Got a Crush on You”  They will surely love it.  Check out all the details at Design Aglow.


(11)  M&M Tic Tac Toe

M&M Tic Tac Toe

This Candy Valentine’s Day Card is really awesome.  And, it is sure to be so much fun for anyone who receives it.  I found this great Valentine idea at Shim & Sons.  Here they used 2 different color M&M’s and placed plenty in resealable bags.  They also used card stock to create the Tic Tac Toe Valentine Cards.  These are sure to be a ton of fun.


(12)  Lip & Mustache Lollipops

Lip & Mustache Lollipops

This is an awesomely clever idea.  Here Blonde Designs shows you how to use craft foam to trace some mustaches and lips.  Add them to a lollipop with a Valentine note and you have a fun Candy Valentine’s Day Card.  Watch how silly everybody looks sucking on the lollipop… they will look like they have mustaches and funny looking lips.  It is sure to get a lot of laughs.


(13)  Valentine Mice

Valentine Mice

I know what you are thinking…. when you think of Valentine’s Day you don’t think of mice.  I understand that.  But, take a look at these delicious mice made from Hershey Kisses and think again.  The receiver of this special Valentines gift will surely love it.  So much so that they probably will not want to eat it.  Check out Floral Showers for all the details.


(14)  Valentine’s Fuzzy Cake Balls

Valentine's Fuzzy Cake Balls

I found this yummy Valentine’s Day treat at Hungry Happenings and just had to share it with you.  Here they use shaved coconut to make these adorable creatures.  But, as they share with you if you do not like coconut feel free to use shaved chocolate instead.  Add a cute and loving message to your fuzzy cake ball and you have yourself the perfect Valentines.

Top photo by StuartWebster

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