How to Make Fabric Oatmeal Container Drawstring Bags

Here is a craft for making a great drawstring bag out of a cylinder oatmeal container, fabric, some cardboard, and a few other items. This bag turns out looking beautiful and would make a great bag for yourself or as a gift to mom, grandma, or someone else you love.

How to Make Fabric Oatmeal Container Drawstring Bags



Oatmeal Container

6″ x 6″ cardboard square


Magazine pictures

Knitting needle (size 3 or 4)

White shellac




How to Make These Drawstring Bags:

Step 1


Cut cereal box to 4″ height, as shown by broken line in Figure 1.


Step 2


Make cardboard pattern, 4″ wide at base and 5″ high to center point, as in Figure 2.

Step 3


Using cardboard pattern trace triangles on colorful smooth magazine pictures. Cut triangles out, and lay, face down, on work table. Apply glue lightly down middle of triangle, making sure the top point is well covered to prevent unrolling. Place the knitting needle along the 4″ base, and roll triangle tightly around the needle to make a tube, as in Figure 3. Slip the tube off the needle and set aside to dry. It will take about 90 tubes to cover a box, 5 1/2″ in diameter.

Step 4




Apply a liberal amount of glue to the outside of the cereal box. Stand tubes, side by side, around the box. Hold in place with rubber bands. When dry, apply several coats of shellac over tubes.┬áMake a drawstring top from a piece of material and sew around top of tube-covered box. Cut a circle of the same material, 1″ larger than bottom of the box. Center and paste circle to bottom of the box with fabric glue. Bend the extra inch of material over and sew to base to cover ends of tubes, as in Figure 4.



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