How to make a Pen and Pencil Holder for Fall with Seeds and a Cardboard Tube

Here is a pen and pencil holder craft that is easy to make and a great craft for kids during the Autumn / Fall season. This pencil holder is made with a recycled cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll. Use seeds and paint or markers to decorate the cardboard tube. Find the crafts instructions below. Your kids will love this one. Below the Step by step tutorial is offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade

How to Make an Autumn Pencil Holder with Colorful Seeds and a Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

How to make a Pen holder decorated with seeds


– empty paper towel or toilet paper roll
– lid
– pumpkin seeds
– craft glue
– scissors
– paints (silver, gold, black)
– paintbrush

Step 1.

Take the roll…

… and make some cuts on one end, like this.

Bend them outward…


… like this.

Step 2.

Put glue on the folded part …

… and set it on the lid.

Step 3.

Take a seed and apply a layer of glue on one side of it…

… then place it on the roll.

Cover the roll with seeds…

… like this.

Step 4.

You can let it like this or can use metallic paints to add some style to it…or
you can use any colors that you like. If your parents don’t want you to paint,
you can use markers instead.

Like this 🙂

I hope that your pencil / pen holder looks fantastic. Keep it on your desk or give it to some one that you care about.

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