How to Make Autumn Dolls or Figurines in Easy Craft Idea for Kids

You can make this Autumn themed doll or figurine to celebrate fall, using an acorn cap for the hat and making a leaf out of felt for the “wings” of this little Autumn Fairy. This is a great Autumn-time craft that you will enjoy. Step by step tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade

How to Make Autumn Dolls or Figurines in Easy Craft Idea for Kids

How to Make Autumn Dolls or Figurines in Easy Craft Idea for Kids


– yellow and red felt
– pens (or permanent markers) – for eyes and mouth
– wooden bead
– scissors
– cork
– toothpick
– acorn cap
– toothpick
– brown ribbon
– craft glue

Step 1.

Glue the wooden bead on toothpick.

Step 2.

Stick toothpick in cork…

… until there are about 0.5 cm left.


Step 3.

Draw a circle and a rectangle on yellow felt. The circle must be a little bigger than the wooden bead and width of the rectangle must be from the bottom of the cork to the wooden ball.

Also draw a shape like this on red felt.

Step 4.

Cut them out.

Step 5.

Apply a layer of glue on the yellow circle…

… and place it on the wooden bead, like this.

Let it dry.

Next, put a bit of glue inside the acorn cap and on the edges…

… then fix it over the yellow circle.

You have now the head with yellow hair and acorn hat.

Step 6.

Adjust the upper part of the cork…

… like this.

Step 7.

Apply a layer of glue on the rectangle…

… like this…

And cover the cork with it.

Let it dry well.

Wrap the ribbon around the neck, over the yellow rectangle but take care to let the hair free.

Make a knot to keep it in place. You can cut the ribbon ends if they are too long.

Step 8.

Apply a stripe of glue on the lower part of red shape…

… and fix it over the ribbon, like this. Let it dry well.

Now use your pens / markers to add eyes and mouth and your cute doll is ready 😉

I hope your Autumn Fairy Doll turned out great. This would be a great decoration for the Thanksgiving table or any dinner in Autumn. I hope that you had fun. Come back soon for more crafts.

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