How to Make 3D Paper Butterflies Artwork

Here is a great craft to make around Springtime. Unfortunately it isn’t Springtime, I just like butterflies. These paper butterflies will add a three-dimensional effect to any display or bulletin board. This is a great classroom or group project as each child can do a butterfly and add it to the board. These butterflies are made out of paper and turn out great as the wings are folded to look as if the butterfly is in flight.

How to Make 3D Paper Butterflies Artwork

How to Make 3D Paper Butterflies Artwork

Crafts Materials Needed:



Coloring Items such as Crayons or Markers

Optional (Decorative Items such as glitter, pipe cleaners, sequins)

Dark Construction Paper

How to Make a Butterfly

Step 1

Fold Paper

Turn a piece of paper so it is on its side like in the picture above. In the center of the sheet of paper, lightly draw 2 lines about an inch apart from each other. Than fold towards you on both of those lines…then unfold.

Step 2

Draw Butterfly

Now draw the butterfly wings on the outside parts (the wings look like a number 3 shape)…and the butterfly;s body in the center.

Step 3

Cut butterfly out

Cut out the butterfly.

Step 4

Decorate the butterfly

Now draw designs on the butterfly wings and body. You can add design elements such as pipe cleaner antennae, or sparkly glitter on the body…I will leave the creative aspects up to you.

After decorating, re-fold the paper along the two sides of the body.

Step 5

The butterfly is ready to be pasted down by either one wing, or the body.

The butterfly is ready to be pasted down by either one wing, or the body. The illustration at the top shows how effective these butterflies appear, mounted on sheets of black paper, and tacked together for a panel. This makes a great group classroom project.

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How to Make Coffee Filter or Napkin Butterfly

This is a cute project for little ones – a cheerful butterfly made of napkin or a coffee filter 😀 This is perfect for Kindergarteners or Preschoolers. They can do everything on their own with a little bit of guidance. Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make it.

How to Make Coffee Filter or Napkin Butterfly


– napkin
– laundry tongs
– paints
– black marker
– paintbrush
– coffee filter or small piece of napkin
– glue


Step 1.

Unfold the napkin.


Bring the middle part together…


… like this.


Step 2.

Put there the laundry tongs…


… like this. This is the butterfly body.


Step 3.

Rub the little piece of napkin between your fingers, until it look like this.


Fold it in two…


… and stick it on the upper part of the body.


Step 4.

Use black marker to draw eyes and mouth …


and to darken the antennas.


Step 5.

Use the paintbrush to add color to the wings


like this.


When you have added all the color you want, gently smudge it.

Let it dry. The butterfly is ready.


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