How to Make Stained Glass Easter Ornaments

For this craft you will learn how to turn normal paper into a fun, translucent stained glass decoration which you can hang on a window. It’s a definite eye-catcher.  In this craft we will be making an Easter decoration that will look gorgeous hanging from any window.  You can chose to print off the templates I have below or you can simply draw and color your own…. the choice is yours.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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How to Make Stained Glass Easter Ornaments


Materials Needed

Sheet of paper
Printer, or a thick black marker
Crayons, colored pencils and/or markers
Safety scissors
Vegetable oil
Cotton ball
Paper towels

Step 1

Print out the design or draw your own with a thick black marker. You can print out these templates (one cross, one egg, or a sheet with one of each).

Click on template image below to make larger and to print.



Step 2

Color the design however you see fit, make sure to use brighter colors so the light shines through when finished. Markers provide the most vibrant colors but be wary of purples and reds when only using them.


Step 3

Cut out the designs, leaving some of the black outline.


Step 4

Flip the designs around and put them face down on the newspaper. Apply oil over the entire back of each design using the cotton ball or paper towel.


Step 5

Lay the designs between two sheets of paper towel and blot and/or rub off the excess oil. Be sure to be gentle, this is only paper after all.


Step 6

Hang your new beautiful stain glass decoration outside or in a window so it can catch the sunlight.

Doesn’t this make for a beautiful Easter decoration?  Any window will look beautiful with this hung up on it.  Take a picture of your Stained Glass Easter Ornament and post it along with a comment in the comment section below.  I would love to see how your ornament turned out.

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Keep Kids Entertained Making Stained Glass Pictures Craft

Keep Kids Entertained Making Stained Glass Pictures Craft

How You & Your Kids Can Make This Faux Stained Glass Art Crafts Project

This “stained glass” picture is perfect for keeping kids entertained at a fun and safe activity on a rainy day. It is a bit messy so a newspaper-lined workspace is recommended, but cutting pictures from magazines and making crayon shavings will have children happily occupied for a while.


Crafts Materials That You Will Need:

Wax paper
Crayons with a built in or separate crayon sharpener
Magazine pictures, cards, flowers, leaves – anything small and flat
Iron (and a grown up to use it)


1. Cut out two pieces of wax paper in the same shape. If you’d like to incorporate an outting with this craft, take children around to look at local churches and draw the shapes of stained-glass windows they see on the trip. They can later cut out their wax paper to match one of the shapes. It’s easiest to fold a large piece of wax paper in half and cut through two pieces at once to make sure the shapes match up.


2. Have children gather flat objects like flowers or leaves in the yard or cut up magazines or cards with pretty pictures. Place on one piece of wax paper.

3. Begin making crayon shavings by using the crayon sharpener and/or breaking up crayons. Children can choose colors that coordinate with their picture or object, or whatever strikes their fancy. This is likely to ruin crayons for further use, so you might want to buy cheap ones for the purpose.


4. This is where the grown up steps in. Place the piece of wax paper with pictures and shavings on top of a layer of newspaper on your covered ironing board. Place second sheet of wax paper on top, and another layer of newspaper on top of that.


5. On a medium heat setting, lightly iron over wax paper and newspaper, checking often to make sure you’re not burning anything. It should only take about a minute for all the crayon shavings to melt and the pieces of wax paper to bond together.

Keep Kids Entertained Making Stained Glass Pictures Craft


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