How to Make an Organizer out of Old Plastic Bottles

Today I have a super easy craft that is very useful.  I’m going to show you how to make an Organizer out of Old Plastic Bottles or Jars.  This craft is a great way to recycle those old plastic bottles and jars.  And, the outcome is a beautiful organizer.  You will need a little bit of adult help as you will need to use a cutter to cut the plastic bottles all different sizes.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get this craft started.

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Materials Needed

Old plastic bottles and jars



Scissors, cutters (Adult Help)



Step 1

Collect a few jars and cut them in different heights as shown.



Step 2

Cover the jars with fabric and glue it in place as shown. Place the jars together and glue them on a piece of cardboard.


Step 3

Draw around the jars and cut it out so that the base looks like it is shown


Step 4

Add a ribbon and your Organizer is finished.

And, that is it…. you have a beautiful organizer made simply out of old Plastic Bottles and Jars.  Now, the question is….. what are you going to organize?  What are you waiting for… get started.

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