Ideas for Easy, Inexpensive & Crafty Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Ideas for Crafty Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming quickly and every year I’m amazed at the clever ideas people have for decorating their table tops. I was roaming the internet for interesting ideas and I came across quite a few. I was intrigued not only by the creativity, but also the fact that many of them were quite inexpensive to do. I wanted to share a few ideas that I found easy and inexpensive…. so, without further ado…..

How to make a Pumpkin Girl Decoration for Fall

The leaves are falling,the air has gotten brisk and Halloween is just around the corner. What does that mean? Yep, Fall is here and it is raring to go. I love fall…. the kids are back in school and I could finally pull out all of my favorite sweaters. What else does it mean? It is time to decorate for the fall season. Today I will show you how to make a Pumpkin Girl decoration for Fall. Let’s get started.