18 Cool Mummy Craft Ideas for Halloween

14 Cool Mummy Craft Ideas for Halloween

You are in for a treat today.  I have searched the internet to find what I thought was the best in Mummy crafts for Halloween.  I came up with 18 of my favorite Halloween Mummy crafts.  They are all totally creative and equally creepy.  Some of them are edible, some are meant to be used as decorations and others are actually moveable mummies.  But, I’m sure you will find them all fun and festive.  I hope you have a blast looking at all of these cool mummy craft ideas for Halloween…. I know I did.  So, without further ado…. let’s get started.

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18 Cool Mummy Craft Ideas for Halloween

(1)  Craft Stick Mummy

Craft Stick Mummy

I found this silly craft over at First Palette.  This Halloween Mummy Craft is made out of craft sticks and guaze.  And, the finished item is perfectly creepy for Halloween.  Make a few and put them around the house this Halloween.


(2)  Mummy Candy Holder

Mummy Candy Holder

Are you having a Halloween Party this year?  If you are I have the perfect decorations and party favors for you.  How about making this Halloween Mummy Craft.  It’s a Mummy Candy Holder…. the kids are sure to love it.  Check out Parents for all the craft details.


(3) Printable Paper Mummy Toy

Printable Paper Mummy Toy

Here is a paper toy craft from this site…for a paper mummy. This is very easy to make and a lot of fun to play with. Find out how here.

(4)  Bendable Mummy

Bendable Mummy

Here is a great Halloween craft that is made from an old shirt.  This is a great craft to recycle those old T-shirts.  Got to love recyclable crafts.  You want the craft details?  Check out Family Sponge.


(5)  Mummy Cupcakes

Mummy Cupcakes

Ok, I love the yummy crafts…. the edible ones.  Well, these Mummy Cupcakes are certainly no exception.  They are adorable…. and they look delicious.  Get the entire Mummy recipe at The Craft Patch….. make sure to check it out.


(6)  Mummy Sign

Mummy Sign

If you are looking for an outside Halloween decoration craft…. then you have found it here.  I found this Mummy craft over at Woman’s Day.  It is so terribly cute…. I just adore it.  This craft is for the more mature as there is a Saber Saw being used.   Adult Supervision is a must for this craft.

 (7) Mummy Bowling

Mummy Bowling

My daughter’s Girl Scouts troop made these for a Halloween Fair party they had. The Brownies and Daisies loves playing Mummy Bowling. Find out how to make these out of water bottles here.

(8)  Mummy Cookies

Mummy Cookies

Are you throwing a Halloween Party?  If so, you know that you cannot have a Halloween Party without some Halloween Cookies.  And, Halloween is just not Halloween without some Mummy treats.  So, make sure to check out this Mummy Cookie recipe I found over at Crystal and Comp….. the kids are sure to love them!!


(9)  Origami Mummy

Origami Mummy

Here is a simple fun Halloween Mummy craft you are sure to enjoy.  It is an Origami Mummy.  You simply need some origami paper, googly eyes and magic marker and you are good to go.  Make a few and decorate your room for Halloween.  Check out the entire craft at Activity Village.


(10)  Mummy Pumpkins

Mummy Pumpkins

Check out this awesome Halloween Mummy craft.  It combines two of the most popular items for Halloween…. a Pumpkin and Mummy.  It is just so fitting for a Halloween decoration.  You can see the Halloween craft in its entirety by going to Celeb Baby Laundry.

(11) Bead Pipe Cleaner and Bandages Mummy

Bead Pipe Cleaner and Bandages Mummy

Find out how to make these mummies with movable arms and legs. All you will need is bandages, pipe cleaners, and a bead. Learn how to make these mummies with the following instructions.

(12)  Juice Box Mummy

Juice Box Mummy

If you are anything like me…. you have tons of juice boxes at home.  I always try to come up with crafts that use empty juice boxes because I hate just throwing the empty juice boxes away.  Well, when I found this Mummy craft made from recycled juice boxes I was overjoyed.  Check it out for yourself at Kaboose.


(13)  Mummy Jars

Mummy Jars

This is one of my favorite Mummy crafts i found.  It seems to be really easy, but a ton of fun.  Plus, look at the outcome…. you have these glowing mummy jars that can be placed around the house as a Halloween Decoration.  You can take a look at the craft for yourself over at Crafts reDesigned.


(14)  Mummy Door Hanger

Mummy Door Hanger

This Mummy craft is pretty darn cute.  I found the craft over at TLC and I think it is perfect for Halloween.  It can be put on your front door for all the Trick-or-Treaters to see or simply place it on one of your many indoor doors as an inside Halloween Decoration.


(15)  Aged Mummy

Aged Mummy

I love this Mummy craft.  Do you know why?  Because Craftaholics Anonymous made it look pretty authentic by dirtying up the gauze around the mummy’s body.  I love that.    Make sure to check out her site as she will show you too how to make this Aged Mummy.


(16)  Tissue Paper Mummies

Tissue Paper Mummies

I found this great Halloween Mummy craft over at Happy Hooligans.  And, it is super cute!!  They simply used recycled empty toilet paper rolls and white tissue paper…. and these mummies turned out amazing.  They are perfect for decorating…. the kids will love telling everyone they made the mummies themselves.

 (17) Mummy Trick-or-Treat Baskets

Mummy Trick-or-Treat Baskets

Find out how to make these trick-or-treat baskets – it is a lot easier than you would think. They come out looking really unique and fun. Find the instructions here.

(18)  Egyptian Mummy

Egyptian Mummy

Now, I know this isn’t exactly the kind of Mummy you think of when you think of Halloween mummies.  But, I love this craft and had to include it once I found it.  Check it out over at 123 Peppy…. I think you will like it too.

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