How to make a Pine Cone Christmas Figurine Ornament

Today I’m going to continue with another Christmas Craft.  This one will be a Pine Cone Christmas Figurine Ornament.  It is super cute and will look terrific on the Christmas Tree.  Let each of the kids make one of these figurine ornaments…. they will love hanging something up on the tree that they made themselves.  Plus, it is so much fun.  So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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Tutorial offered by Laura from Dacian Moon Handmade .


Materials Needed

– cardboard
– red leather
– a cotton pad
– 1 wooden bead (big enough to be the head)
– scissors
– 1 piece of ribbon
– 1 pine cone
– craft glue
– black paint
– toothpick


Step 1

Take the cardboard…

…and make a cone of it: bring one side over the middle.. .

… then the other. Glue the two parts together.

Place the pine cone inside, to measure how long the cardboard cone should be.

Cut the extra cardboard.

It will look like this.


Step 2

Apply a border of glue inside the cardboard cone…

… like this.

Then fix it over the pine cone.


Step 3

Take the wooden bead…

And place the toothpick inside.

Make a collar of glue where the toothpick comes out…

… and place it inside the cardboard cone, like in the picture. Keep it a little pressed, until the glue is dry.


Step 4

Take the leather and put it over the cardboard cone.

Measure the length and trace it with a pen.

Cut it out…

… like this

Apply glue on the back of the leather…

… and place it again over the cardboard cone.

Let it dry.


Step 5

Make another cardboard cone, narrower than first. This will be the cap.

Glue the cardboard cone.

Apply a layer of glue on the lower part that goes down from the cone and fold it over it.

Now cut the extra cardboard.

Measure the cone cover on the leather…

… like this.

Cut it out.

It will look like this now.

Apply glue on it…

… and place the cardboard cone on it.

Cover it with the leather.

Apply glue on the back…

… and place there the folded ribbon. Keep it in place until the glue is dry.

Now, let’s put it on the head. Put glue over the upper part of the head…

… like this…

…and fix the cap on it. Let it dry.


Step 6

Take the cotton pad…

… and break it into pieces to make one beard like this.

Apply glue on the lower part of the head and on the front part of the coat…

… and place the beard on it, fix it well on the face.

Take a little black paint with a toothpick…

… and draw its eyes.

Now you have a funny figurine to put on your Xmas tree.

The figurine is cute, huh?!  It will look wonderful on the Christmas Tree.  Enjoy!!

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