How to Make a Pen Holder by Weaving Magazines Together

Each of us have at home a lot of magazines that we do not need anymore, how about you recycle them by making something useful out of them. This is called upcycling. Here’s a useful way to use them…this would make a great gift for Mom or Dad on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It would also be good for your desk when you are doing your homework

Tutorial offered by Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  .



– Magazines
– Transparent tape

Step 1

Open the magazine on the middle and take one (double) page.

Start folding it at 1.5 cm …

… until you have this band.

Repeat until you have about 11 – 12 bands.

Step 2.

Place some of them on the table, like this. Initially I started with 6 but I took one out because my support would be too wide. So you can start directly with 5.

Bring another band and place it perpendicular to the others, putting it over a band, then under the next … and so on… like in the picture.

Add another two, in negative. Where the first band is over, the second band will be under.

It will look like this.


Step 3.

Bend up the remaining part of the bands…

… and put another band through them…

… form the corners…

… and where the band is ending, place a little piece of tape to keep it in place.

Continue adding bands until you reach the top.

Step 4.

Add tape on the upper edge to keep it in place…

… and you have a new pen holder 😀

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  1. Fanastic craft for a girl scout craft days that I was looking for simple things that the young scouts would be interested and finish quickly then be proud of their project! Have not created it yet but that’s an idea so good and simple to be enthusiastic about.
    Sent the url to my daughter in law for her daughter’s girl scout’s activity day.

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