Using Legos to Learn Sight Words and How to Read and Sound Out Words

My youngest daughter is in Kindergarten and she is learning how to read. Her teacher sends home lists of sight words that she has to learn and although we use flash cards to help her learn them, using Legos / Duplo Blocks  sounds a lot more fun to her. I saw someone else online use Legos to make sight words fun and I just loved the idea. Legos are also great for alphabet letters. The child can snap the Legos together to form and sound out words.

My daughter was getting bored with playing with these ‘little kid’ blocks as she now only wants to play with the little Lego blocks that older kids use. So this is a great way to recycle these Duplo / Lego blocks.


Crafts Materials Needed

Legos / Duplo Blocks

Labels (These are the ones I used   … Avery Removable Rectangular Labels, 0.5 x 0.75 Inches, White, Pack of 525  -6737  )

Step 1

Write Sight Words and Alphabet Letters on Labels

If you want to use the Legos to practice sight words and making sentences, then write sight words on the labels. If you want your child to practice creating words and sounding out letter combinations, then write alphabet letters on labels. I repeated consonants a few times and I repeated vowels many times.


Step 2

Add Alphabet Letters to 4 Sides of Blocks

I used the 4 peg Duplo squares for the Alphabet letter blocks. I put a letter on each side, so then the child can spin the blocks to make different words. My child loved forming words with the letters. I used blank squares to for spaces.

Step 3

Put Word Labels on the blocks

Then I put sight words on bigger Duplo blocks. They would fit on the square blocks but I didn’t have any more left. I put a label on 2 sides of the blocks, but you can definitely put them on all 4 sides if you want to. I also added other words that my child knows. I also made several blocks with words such as ‘I’, ‘and’, ‘my’, ‘too’, and ‘the’. I also added labels for people and animals that she knows so that she can talk about specific people. She LOVES playing with these blocks now.


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  1. My son loves to play with Lego or building blocks. So this is definitely a brilliant idea for learning letters and constructing short sentences. This is a great way to combine play and learning together. Thanks for letting me know this simple idea.

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