Using Legos to Learn Sight Words and How to Read and Sound Out Words

My youngest daughter is in Kindergarten and she is learning how to read. Her teacher sends home lists of sight words that she has to learn and although we use flash cards to help her learn them, using Legos / Duplo Blocks  sounds a lot more fun to her. I saw someone else online use Legos to make sight words fun and I just loved the idea. Legos are also great for alphabet letters. The child can snap the Legos together to form and sound out words.

My daughter was getting bored with playing with these ‘little kid’ blocks as she now only wants to play with the little Lego blocks that older kids use. So this is a great way to recycle these Duplo / Lego blocks.


Crafts Materials Needed

Legos / Duplo Blocks

Labels (These are the ones I used   … Avery Removable Rectangular Labels, 0.5 x 0.75 Inches, White, Pack of 525  -6737  )

Step 1

Write Sight Words and Alphabet Letters on Labels

If you want to use the Legos to practice sight words and making sentences, then write sight words on the labels. If you want your child to practice creating words and sounding out letter combinations, then write alphabet letters on labels. I repeated consonants a few times and I repeated vowels many times.

Step 2

Add Alphabet Letters to 4 Sides of Blocks

I used the 4 peg Duplo squares for the Alphabet letter blocks. I put a letter on each side, so then the child can spin the blocks to make different words. My child loved forming words with the letters. I used blank squares to for spaces.

Step 3

Put Word Labels on the blocks

Then I put sight words on bigger Duplo blocks. They would fit on the square blocks but I didn’t have any more left. I put a label on 2 sides of the blocks, but you can definitely put them on all 4 sides if you want to. I also added other words that my child knows. I also made several blocks with words such as ‘I’, ‘and’, ‘my’, ‘too’, and ‘the’. I also added labels for people and animals that she knows so that she can talk about specific people. She LOVES playing with these blocks now.


How to Make a Paper Strip Dreidel – With Dreidel Game Instructions

I have a cool craft for you today.  I’m going to show you how to make a Paper Strip Dreidel.  This Dreidel craft actually produces a Dreidel that actually spins.  Not just spins…. but spins amazingly well.  So well in fact that I also am giving you the Dreidel game instructions so that you can use your Paper Strip Dreidel to play with your friends.  So grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

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How to Make a Paper Strip Dreidel


Materials Needed

Paper of All Different Colors






Step 1

Cut some long strips of  paper.

Cut some long strips of  paper.  Mine were 1/4 inch wide.

Step 2

Add glue to the tip of one of the strips of paper.

Add glue to the tip of one of the strips of paper.


Step 3

Wrap paper strip tightly around the bottom of the toothpick.

Get a toothpick.  Wrap paper strip tightly around the bottom of the toothpick… but leaving some of the tip sticking out.


Step 4

glue the end of another strip to the 1st strip

When you near the end of one of your paper strips, then glue the end of another strip to the 1st strip.


Step 5

Keep rolling tightly.

Keep rolling tightly.


Step 6

Add more strips.

Add more strips.


Step 7

Add still more strips.

Add still more strips.


Step 8

It is looking like this.

It is looking like this.


Step 9

Glue the tip of the last strip down.

Glue the tip of the last strip down.  Hold tightly for a few minutes to let completely dry.


Step 10

Pull strips of paper slowly up to look like this.

After dries… Pull strips of paper slowly up to look like this.

Look how pretty.

Look how pretty.


Step 11

Each side of the dreidel has a different letter from the Hebrew alphabet.

Each side of the Dreidel bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet:  נ (nun), ג (gimel), ה (hei) and ש (shin).

Draw these Hebrew letters on the sides of your paper strip Dreidel.

Draw these Hebrew letters on the sides of your paper strip Dreidel.


Step 12

It spins really well.

Your paper Dreidel should spin really well.


Dreidel Game Instructions

Each player begins with an equal number of game pieces (usually 10–15). The game pieces can be any object, such as chocolate gelt, pennies, or raisins.

At the beginning of each round, every participant puts one game piece into the center “pot”. In addition, every time the pot is empty and sometimes if it has one game piece left, every player puts one in the pot. Each player spins the dreidel once during their turn. Depending on which player side is facing up when it stops spinning, they give or take game pieces from the pot:

  1. If נ (nun) is facing up, the player does nothing.
  2. If ג (gimel) is facing up, the player gets everything in the pot.
  3. If ה (hei) is facing up, the player gets half of the pieces in the pot. (If there is an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half the pot rounded up to the nearest whole number)
  4. If ש (shin) or פ (pei) is facing up, the player adds a game piece to the pot.

If the player is out of pieces, they are either “out” or may ask another player for a “loan”.

There you have it.  You just made your very own Paper Strip Dreidel and have the instructions for playing the Dreidel game….. now go grab your friends and play the game of Dreidel.  Let me know how you did in the comments below…. I’d love to hear about it.

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Making an Alphabet Letters Memory Game from Milk Jug Caps with Printables and Instructions for Kids

Today I will show you how to make a really cool Memory game that is great for any age child, but especially good for preschoolers and Kindergarteners who are still working on Alphabet Letters recognition. If you don’t have enough Milk Jug caps, you could also use coins, checkers, cardboard, or whatever else you have lying around the house.


Making a Memory Game from Bottle Caps with Printables and Instructions for Kids

Making a Memory Game from Bottle Caps with Printables and Instructions for Kids

Crafts Materials Needed

– 52  Milk Bottle Caps

– Glue

– Printer and Paper

– Scissors

Step 1 : Print Out the Bottle Cap Letters

Pick the Letters that you want below (choose from color or black and white, as well as milk jug bottle caps or water bottle caps). Print out the templates twice as you are going to be playing a matching game in which you need 2 of every letter.

Black and White Water Bottle Caps Letters


Colorized Water Bottle Caps


Black and White Milk Bottles Caps Letters


Black and White Milk Bottles Caps Letters

Click on Above Image for BLACK AND WHITE MILK BOTTLE CAPS Part 2

Colorized Milk Bottle Caps Letters


Colorized Milk Bottles Caps Letters Part 2

Click on Above Image for COLORIZED MILK BOTTLE CAPS Part 2


Step 2 : Attaching Letters to Bottle Caps

Making a Memory Game from Bottle Caps with Printables and Instructions for Kids

To attach the letters to the milk jug caps, either glue them to the top or simple insert them inside the cap (which depending on the size of the cap, might not even need glue. If you are using coins…simply tape the letters to the coins.

How to Play Alphabet Memory Game

(1) Make sure that all the caps are messed up so that they aren’t in order.

(2)  Turn all of the caps over so you cannot see the letters anymore.

(3) Place them in neat rows.

(4) A player turns over 2 caps.

….. If there is a match, they put those caps in their own pile and then gets to take another turn.

….. If there is NOT a match, the player then turns the caps back over ( in the same spot that they found them) .   The next player then gets to take a turn.

(5) The game is over when all of the matches are found. The player with the most caps wins the game.

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Easy Easter Basket Craft for Kids to Fill with Treats


If you’ve had a new addition to the family, are having an unexpected guest, or just don’t have enough Easter baskets around the house, here is a simple an inexpensive way to create your own Easter basket to fill with goodies and put on display.

Easy Easter Basket Craft for Young Kids, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and Moms



A box – a shoebox or milk or orange juice carton would work nicely

Pipe cleaners

Construction paper


Hole Punch



Crayons or googly eyes


1. First,  cut off or remove the top of your box or one side of your carton. If using a carton, staple the open end closed. Save this discarded piece for your basket handle if desired.


2. Choose one color of construction paper and make sure you have enough for all sides of your box. Cut the construction paper to fit the box and glue to all sides of the outside.


3. Punch a hole in the front of your box. Bend four pipe cleaners in half and stick through the hole, half on the inside of the box, half on the outside. Position the pipe cleaners so they are in place on the outside, and then staple the pipe cleaners into place on the inside. Trim pipe cleaners inside if needed.


4. Draw on eyes, or glue on googly eyes if you have them on hand.


5. For ears, cut out ear shapes from the original color construction paper you used to cover the box. Then cut smaller ear shapes out of pink contruction paper and glue them to the center of the larger ear shapes. Staple ears to the box so they stand up. (Hint: staple pipe cleaner scraps vertically behind the ears to help keep them upright.)

6. If your discarded box top is large enough cut out a 1″ strip and cover it with construction paper to form a handle. Or, simply use construction paper for a decorative handle.




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Kids Crafts for Holidays & Easter – Easter is coming up which got me thinking about how I am going to keep my kids occupied this year.

Easter Craft For Kids (including a bouquet of flowers) – My absolute favorite book for Toddler Crafts is called The Toddler’s Busy Book by Trish Kuffner. It has 365 Games and Activities in it that are easy and fun to do!  There are crafts for every holiday.  It breaks the crafts down into great categories like : Rainy Day Play, Kids in the Kitchen, Water Play, Outdoor Adventures, Arts & Crafts and much more.  I highly recommend getting this book!!  It is a great resource, one I have used over and over!!  Below is one of the craft ideas for Easter that is in the book.

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Easter and Springtime Crafts for Kids – Easter and springtime traditionally signals the turn of the year into a time of rebirth and fresh beginnings. It’s a season groaning with possibilities for so many crafts for kids to enjoy.

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How to Make an Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game with Your Preschoolers or Autistic Children

Today we are going to how to play a fun Montessori game that promotes good hand writing skills while also helping kids to learn the alphabet on their own. This is an educational, yet fun arts and craft activity for both you and your young children to do together. This crafts idea is beneficial for preschoolers, Kindergartners, as well as children who are autistic / on the spectrum / or those who have sensory disorders. (even older children enjoy it). I have a friend with an Autistic child and this game is very similar to the way she had to teach her child the alphabet since he wasn’t able to learn the alphabet through sight since he was more into sensory and tactile learning techniques. As a warning, this craft might cause random bursts of laughter from both you and your child. Comment to tell us how your child reacts to this fun tactile game and craft. Enjoy.

Have the child close his eyes and feel letters to guess for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

Photographer: Marind

How to Make an Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game with Your Preschoolers or Autistic Children


Gather Crafts Materials for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

Gather the crafts materials that you will need for this arts and crafts project / game.

-Magic Markers

-A spare piece of rug, cloth, felt, or craft foam

-Heavy duty scissors

Trace the Alphabet Letters on the Felt for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

1-Trace the letters you want on the material that you chose to use (rug / cloth / felt / foam) with the marker.

Now cut the alphabet letters out of the felt for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

2-Now cut out the letters as shown above.

Have the Kids Feel the Letters for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

3-Now for the fun part. Have the kids feel the letters and say the letters at the same time. Do this two or three time until they have memorized the letters.

Have the child close his eyes and feel letters to guess for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

4-Now for the game. Have the children close their eyes. Spread the letters out on the floor. Then say a letter. Have students crawl around and feel the letters till they find the correct letter. Now, have the winning student tell the other kids to close their eyes. The winning student now repeats the game. Make sure you do this a few times, it’s fun. The students should be able to play the game on their own.

Here Are Some Other Links That You Might Find Useful – It is important to practice learning all the letters of the ABC! As you do your child will become familiar with each individual letter.

Lowercase and Uppercase Floor Alphabet Game –  An uppercase and lowercase floor alphabet game for younger kids and preschoolers.

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