Using Legos to Learn Sight Words and How to Read and Sound Out Words


Learn how to use Duplo and Lego Blocks to get your child to learn his or her sight words. Also learn how to use them to help your child learn to form and sound out words. This is a lot of fun!

Making an Alphabet Letters Memory Game from Milk Jug Caps with Printables and Instructions for Kids

Making a Memory Game from Bottle Caps with Printables and Instructions for Kids

Today I will show you how to make a really cool Memory game that is great for any age child, but especially good for preschoolers and Kindergarteners who are still working on Alphabet Letters recognition. If you don’t have enough caps, you could also use coins, checkers, cardboard, or whatever else you have lying around the house.

The Origami Fox Box for the Beginner Paper Folder Child


This is a very simple paper craft and is excellent for a beginner paper folder. It doesn’t require very much skill and only uses simple folding techniques. In addition, the Fox Box is quick to make and you can hide little treasures inside, which are perfect for grab bags.

How to Make an Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game with Your Preschoolers or Autistic Children

Have the child close his eyes and feel letters to guess for Alphabet Letters Tactile Guessing Game Craft

Today we are going to how to play a fun Montessori game that promotes good hand writing skills while also helping kids to learn the alphabet on their own. This is an educational, yet fun arts and craft activity for both you and your young children to do together. This crafts idea is beneficial for preschoolers, kindergarteners, as well as children who are autistic / on the spectrum / or those who have sensory disorders. (even older children enjoy it).