How to Make a Thanksgiving Card

How to Make a Thanksgiving Card

I have a wonderful Thanksgiving craft to show you today. I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful Thanksgiving card perfect to give a friend or a loved one. What better way to show your Thanks than to do it with a lovely card. Make a few and give them to all your friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Placeholder Cards Decoration with Special Message Activity for Kids


Help your mom get prepared for Thanksgiving dinner!! Here is a personalized Thanksgiving place card craft that your guests will love so much. Its easy to make and is going to make your friends and family feel very special this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card Making Craft – Turkeys Beak Opens and Closes

Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card - Make Turkeys Beak Open and Close

Have a free afternoon and want to do make cool Thanksgiving Turkey pop up cards for family and friends? This is a unique Turkey pop up card in that this one has an open and closing beak. My kids said that it is the coolest pop up card that they have ever seen, so I decided to share it with all of you nice kids and parents.