How to Make Wigwams and Canoes for Thanksgiving

How to Make Wigwams and Canoes for Thanksgiving

Today I’m going to show you how to Make Wigwams and Canoes for Thanksgiving. These items are perfect to use as decorations for Thanksgiving. Actually, add these items to our Indian Village Craft and have an entire Indian Village to Display for Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? You can use both of these crafts to talk about the Native Americans and what they have given our Country. Remind the children about the story of Thanksgiving. Do a fun craft and a wonderful lesson at the same time.

How to Make an Indian Village for Thanksgiving

How to Make an Indian Village for Thanksgiving

I have a fun craft for you today. Today I’m going to show you how to make an Indian Village perfect for the Holiday season. Thanksgiving is coming quickly and with Thanksgiving comes decorating for the Holiday. This Indian Village would be a great Thanksgiving decoration. Let’s do it.

Easter Napkin Rings Crafts Table Decoration Ideas for Boys and Girls


Children’s art may not always have a place on your Easter table, but these simple felt napkin rings in pretty spring colors will complement your decor perfectly.

Peeping Groundhogs Craft Activity for Groundhog day

Make this cute craft which shows the groundhog peeping out of his burrow as you celebrate ground hog day. The groundhog pops out of his burrow when you slide the Popsicle stick upwards, and it goes into hiding when you pull the stick down. The simple steps to make this craft follow.

Thanksgiving Memories Scrapbook Craft for Kids


Thanksgiving is a time to think and talk about all the great things that have happened throughout the year. Here is a memory scrapbook that you can make to remember this year’s Thanksgiving forever. Use it to start a conversation about the great times you had as a family through the year. You can use printed out photos, pictures from magazines, stickers, or draw your own pictures to decorate your book.

Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Placeholder Cards Decoration with Special Message Activity for Kids


Help your mom get prepared for Thanksgiving dinner!! Here is a personalized Thanksgiving place card craft that your guests will love so much. Its easy to make and is going to make your friends and family feel very special this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Garlands Decorations Crafts for Kids


Here’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Fall leaves garland to decorate your home this Thanksgiving. What’s even better is that its a very meaningful craft to do , and will help you remember all that you’re thankful for. Its something your whole family can do together.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card Making Craft – Turkeys Beak Opens and Closes

Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card - Make Turkeys Beak Open and Close

Have a free afternoon and want to do make cool Thanksgiving Turkey pop up cards for family and friends? This is a unique Turkey pop up card in that this one has an open and closing beak. My kids said that it is the coolest pop up card that they have ever seen, so I decided to share it with all of you nice kids and parents.

Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Hanging Decoration Craft for Kids


Here is a beautiful fall leaf decoration that you can hang on your wall or your door to celebrate Thanksgiving. Its very simple and easy to make. All you need is some paper, ribbon, scissors and glitter glue. The simple step by step instructions for this Thanksgiving crafts activity follow.

Thanksgiving Activities : Make Thanksgiving Games with 3D Pilgrim & Turkey Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe Game Paper Crafts Thanksgiving Activity

Have a free afternoon and want to make the coolest craft you have ever made? All you need are a box, chopsticks, printer, paper, scissors, glue, and patience and you will have a fun Thanksgiving arts and crafts activity to keep you busy. This Thanksgiving game was a big hit in my house and I think your kids will love it too. Find out more below. (

Thanksgiving Activities and Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids


Have a free afternoon and want to do cool Thanksgiving activities and coloring pages? We have added many Thanksgiving activities and coloring pages to our site recently and thought that we would share with you the updates. Look below to see what you can print out and color and work on. Come back for more updates.