Mask Making Fun – How to Make 3 Different Style Masks

Everyone knows that Masks are a perfect craft for Halloween.  But, if your kids are anything like my two littlest ones…. Masks are fun ANY time of year.  My children LOVE masks… love them!!  So, today I’m going to show you how to make three different style masks….. make your favorite or make all three.  Plenty of mask making fun.

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How to Make 3 Different Style Masks


Mask 1

Mask 1 Directions


Materials Needed

Paper Bag




Paint, Construction paper, yarn…. and anything you would like to decorate the mask with.


  1. Put a paper bag over your head. Mark with chalk or crayon the places for eyes and mouth.
  2. Remove the bag and carefully cut these openings.
  3. Funny ears, a nose, and hair may be added by painting and pasting. Color with crayons or water colors.



Mask 2

Mask 2


Materials Needed

Firm Paper (butcher paper would work)

Paint, Construction paper, yarn…. and anything you would like to decorate the mask with.



Hole Punch

Notebook Reinforcements (makes holes stronger)


Rubber Bands

Paper Clips


  1. Cut a piece of firm paper large enough to cover your face and reach your ears. Hold the paper to your face and mark places for your eyes and mouth.
  2. Remove the paper and cut the openings.
  3. Punch holes in the sides just above the ears. Put notebook reinforcements or paper rings over the holes.
  4. Decorate the mask however way you would like.
  5. Use string, rubber bands, and paper clips to fasten the mask around your head.


Mask 3

Directions for Mask 3


Materials Needed


Cardboard, Slate or Wood

Paper Towels

Bright Colored Paint


  1. Model a face of clay on a firm base of heavy cardboard, slate, or wood.
  2. Let the model dry. Cover it with a layer of damp strips of paper toweling.
  3. Paste four more layers over the first layer. Each layer should be at right angles to the one under it. When the paper is dry and rigid, remove the mask from the clay model.
  4. Paint the mask with bright colors.

There you have it…. 3 different style masks.  Your child is sure to find a Mask craft that fits their needs.  Have fun!!

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