Coolest Earth Day Craft Ideas – Crafts Made from Recycled Materials

Coolest Earth Day Craft Ideas - Crafts Made from Recycled Materials

Earth Day will be here in just a couple of weeks.  In honor of Earth Day I thought I would scour the internet looking for cool ideas for Earth Day crafts.  All of the crafts that I found and have listed here are made from recycled materials.  Earth Day is a special day to celebrate the Earth and to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.  And, I think making crafts from recycled materials such as the ones found here is a great way to teach children about recycling and the importance of doing that to help save our Earth.  So, without further ado….

Coolest Earth Day Craft Ideas

(1)  Newspaper Roses

Newspaper Roses

Look how beautiful these Roses are?  They really are lovely & they are completely made from recycled newspapers.  Check out the craft and all its details over at Zakka Life.


(2)  Serving Tray

Serving Tray

I love, love, love this idea!!  Crafty Nest went to a Salvage Yard and noticed that there were old cupboards there.  She picked up a white one and with a little creativity and a lot of fun she was able to make this beautiful serving tray.  Check out her website so you too can make this.


(3)  Can-Do Robots

Can-Do Robots

Made from tin cans these robots are so freakin cute.  What is really cool is that their features are made of magnets, so they can be removed.  Which makes these robots like a Mr. Potato Head…. How fun is that?!  Check out the craft details over at Family Fun.


(4)  Cardboard Ottoman or Side Table

Cardboard Ottoman or Side Table

What a clever and creative idea!!  Made from recycled cardboard tubes you can choose to make either a side table or an ottoman…. or even make both.  When you look at them from above they are actually daisies.   Check out Esprit Cabane for all the crafting details.


(5)  Smashed Soda Can Animals

Smashed Soda Can Animals

Ok, this cow is really cute, isn’t he?!  But, wait till you check out Fave Crafts….. they have not only a cow, but they will show you how to make a pig and a bear too.  Make all three recycled can crafts and you will have a beginning to your very own recycled animal farm.


(6)  Milk Jug Shade

Milk Jug Shade

Now, this recycled craft turns out beautiful, doesn’t it?  Honestly, if I saw this I would have no idea it was actually made from recycled milk jugs.  But, it is.  I found this craft over at Mother Earth News.  Check out their site for all the wonderful craft details.


(7)  Recycled Picnic Basket

Recycled Picnic Basket

I found this recycled picnic basket over at bron marshall and for the main basket it is actually made from a recycled beer six-pack.  Isn’t that a clever idea?  They other container is actually made from a recycled half dozen egg carton…. they simply added a handle.  Make sure to check out their site for the full craft details.


(8)  Newspaper Basket

Newspaper Basket

This is an amazing basket!!  And, it is completely made from Newspaper.  Look how sturdy it looks too…. I love it.   How About Orange shows you step-by-step how to make this basket yourself.


(9)  Recycled Glass Chandelier

Recycled Glass Chandelier

Oh I just love this recycled craft idea…. it might just be my favorite.  I found this recycled craft over at Casa Sugar.    With a few recycled materials and some tea lights  you too can have this stunning glass chandelier.  I love the way they show this chandelier being outside…. it would be perfect for a fun outside party.


(10)  Creative Notepads

Creative Notepads

Here is a creative way to recycle those leftover notebook pages and even those left over paper scraps.  Esprit Cabane shows us how to take those leftover paper products and make them into cute little pocket size notepads.  Check out her site for the full details.


(11)  Toilet Paper Tube Albums

Toilet Paper Tube Albums

These Toilet Paper Tube Albums are just precious.  They are a beautiful way to store special keepsakes and pictures of events that you don’t want to lose.  Those Northern Skies shows you step-by-step how you too can make these albums from recycled toilet paper tubes.


(12)  Magazine Boxes

Magazine Boxes

Here is a creative and imaginative way to recycle those stacks of magazines you keep at home.  When made like the tutorial on Abstract Octopus you can actually store things in these boxes.  Check out the site for the full craft details.


(13)  Plastic Cup Earrings

Plastic Cup Earrings

Aren’t these earrings adorable?  You would never realize they were made from a plastic cup unless I told you.  I found this idea over at Punk Projects and I think it is a great way to recycle plastic cups… plus the craft is fun to do.  Make sure to check out her website for the details.

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  1. I love the ideas of recycled paper and the toilet paper roll. Very precious idea.
    I would love to learn how to mKe them.

  2. Most of what you show as recycled material are actualy things no one buys anymore and don’t have at home unless they are 90. Hell I would go as far to say that 90% of what you show 90% of the population would have to buy new to do these projects so no, no, no I wouldn’t call this recylcing I would call this “using things most people don’t use any more for a project unless your 90 then its recycling.”

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