How to Make a Fairy Crown for Halloween

Girls love pretending to be Fairys.  They can pretend to be Fairys on any day of the year, but they especially love dressing up as a Fairy on Halloween.  Well, a fairy just can’t truly be a fairy without their Fairy Crown.  In this post I will show you how to make a Fairy Crown for Halloween.  Add this to your Fairy Skirt and Fairy Mask to have the most perfect Fairy Costume this Halloween.  Or, use the Fairy Costume to play dress-up all year long.  Let’s get started with the craft.  NOTE: you will need a little bit of help from an adult for this tutorial.

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Laura from  Dacian Moon Handmade  will show you, step by step, how to make this.



Materials Needed

– 2 pieces of tulle: green and cream colored
– ribbon
– red beads
– needle and thread
– pen
– scissors
– a piece of brown cord
– lighter and pliers or tweezers (with Adult help)


Step 1

Draw 5 circles on cream tulle.

Cut them out.

Do the same with green tulle but make those circles smaller.


Step 2

This is the step where you need help. Fold a circle in quarter

… hold it with pliers and burn it a very little on the edges…. enough to wrinkle a bit.  (Must Have Adult Help.)  It is a very quick move with the lighter.

Do the same for all the circles. If you skip this step, the circles will remain flat.


Step 3

Set the pattern and make a mark where you should have the first circle (flower).

Using needle and thread sew the end of the ribbon…

… twist the ribbon…

… and sew it loose.

It will look like this.


Step 4

When you reach the marker, put a white circle on the needle…

… then a red bead …

and sew it to the spot.

Continue twisting the ribbon and sewing it loose, then add a green circle with a red bead… and so on.

Like this.


Step 5

Take the brown cord and put it through the tube of ribbon, under the first stitch.

Let enough cord free and make a knot.

This will keep the cord in place.

Begin to wrap loosely around the necklace…

… along with flowers, like this.

When you reach the other end pass the cord through the ribbon tube again.

The crown will be tied at the back…

… and it is ready to complete your Fairy costume.

Isn’t this Fairy Crown adorable?  Any Fairy would love to wear this crown.  Make sure to make the Fairy Skirt and Fairy Mask to accompany this Fairy Crown.

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