Puppets for Thumb wrestling: Father’s Day Gift

Here’s a Father’s day gift that guarantees hours of fun. Make a set of thumb puppets for your dad and yourself, and play thumb wrestling. The simple illustrated instructions to make the thumb puppets follow:

Craft materials required:

-White fabric

-black yarn



-needle and thread

-fabric glue

-Permanent marker

Step 1:

Cut out a piece of cloth double the length of your thumb and about an inch wider than the width of your thumb.

Step 2:

Fold it into half and stitch along the two sides as shown.


Step 3:

Fold it inside out as shown:

Step 4:

Glue small pieces of yarn to make hair

Step 5:

Glue a strip of ribbon along the bottom as shown

Step 6:

Add facial features with a marker.

Make another one for your dad in the same way. Make sure its big enough for your dad’s thumb. Your dad is sure to enjoy this Father’s day gift.

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