How to Craft a Chinese Dragon Fridge Magnet Craft for Chinese New Year

Dragons are an important part of many Chinese festivals, including Chinese New Year. Let’s celebrate it by crafting this fridge magnet with the mini version of the dragon used during holiday parades and festivities.

How to Make a Chinese Fire Dragon Bookmark Craft for Kids

Because Chinese dragons are magnificent creatures and the Chinese New Year is approaching, let’s make a simple bookmark with dragon head. This beautiful bookmark that you will make in this arts and crafts project, will astound your friends and family members. And it is a LOT of fun to make.

How to Make Mini Paper Fan Earrings for the Chinese New Year

I have another funny way to celebrate Chinese New Year : let’s make a pair of earrings (you’ll need a little help on step # 4). These will be made of paper and will have two very important Chinese symbols : the fan and the cherry blossom.

How to Make Chinese Abacus for Chinese New Year or 100th Day of School

How to Make Chinese Abacus fro Chinese New Year or 100th Day of School

I noticed that there are 2 holidays / events coming up – The Chinese New Year and The 100th Day of School. I think that the Chinese Abacus could be a craft to tie both of these 2 celebrations together. The Abacus uses 100 beads and was created by the Chinese people who called this calculating instrument a Swan-Pan.