How to Make Abe Lincoln Finger Puppets for Presidents Day

How to Make Abe Lincoln Finger Puppets for Presidents Day

It is February which means that it is time for Presidents Day again. How about celebrating this great holiday with an Abe Lincoln Finger Puppet? We will show you today how to make a Lincoln puppet out of pipe cleaners.

How to Make a Patriotic Fan

Today I’m going to show you how to make a Patriotic Fan. Made from a printed-off template, some glue and a flexible straw…. it makes for an excellent decoration to be used on any Patriotic day. Rather make a fan that is not patriotic? Not a problem. Simply print of a template of your choosing and follow the rest of the directions to complete the fan. Sound good? Awesome!! So, grab the materials you need to make the craft and let’s get started.

George Washington’s Camp Paper Folding Crafts Model Craft for Kids to Make for President’s Day

Presidents Day is coming up on February 15th this year (2010) and I am posting a great project for teachers to do with their classrooms full of students. This is a great group project to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. This project includes paper folding and cutting and the use of clay. See below for the instructions to make George Washington’s camp.