Gold beads Christmas Card

Here’s a pretty handmade bead card that your children’s friends and family will be very impressed to see. Make sure you get the right kind of beads- flat on one side and rounded on the other. The simple instructions to make this Christmas card are given below.

christmas card

Materials Required:

Gold beads ( flat on one side)( see picture below)

Card paper

Silver paint





Step 1

Fold a piece of card paper into the size card that you want.



Step 2

Place one bead on the top middle as shown.


Step 3

Arrange 2 beads below it, 3 below the next row and so on.


Step 4

When you reach the lower part of the tree, you can do rows like 5,6,5,6 to give a zigzag effect of a christmas tree.


Step 5

Use silver paint to make a border and finish off the tree with a star. Allow it to dry, write a message to a friend for Christmas.



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