Ideas for Easy, Inexpensive & Crafty Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Ideas for Crafty Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming quickly and every year I’m amazed at the clever ideas people have for decorating their table tops.  I was roaming the internet for interesting ideas and I came across quite a few.   I was intrigued not only by the creativity, but also the fact that many of them were quite inexpensive to do.  I wanted to share a few ideas that I found easy and inexpensive…. so, without further ado…..

Ideas for Easy, Inexpensive & Crafty Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

(1) Gourd Gobblers

Gourd Gobbler Table Decoration

Made from pumpkins these turkey’s look amazing and festive.  I found this creative table decoration over at the Martha Stewart site and I was more than impressed.  It would look great on any table.


(2)  Pumpkin Vases

Pumpkin vase table decoration

Here is a simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving centerpiece idea.  Just gut out a pumpkin and use it as a vase.  I found this idea over at Country Living and it’s a good one.  I’m sure you would get a lot of compliments on it during your Thanksgiving feast.

(3) Goofy Gourd Gang

Goofy Gourd Gang

Here is a great centerpiece if you are doing a separate kids’ table from the adult table.  The kids won’t mind sitting at the kids’ table if this is what it looks like.  ShelterPop shows you how to make these Thanksgiving items step by step.  This is a creative and inexpensive way to decorate the table…. gotta love that.


(4) “Thanks” Table Setting

Thanks table setting

I found this table decor over at Create.Love.Grow and I had to include this table decor.  She writes how she used things from around her house and it cost her $0 to make.  Gotta love that!! This will look great as a Centerpiece for Thanksgiving.


(5)  Pumpkin Tree Tabletop Decoration

Pumpkin tree tabletop decoration

Isn’t this beautiful?  I love this centerpiece and Better Homes and Gardens explained how easy it is to make this wonderful centerpiece.  My favorite part of this centerpiece are the small pumpkins hanging from the twigs… love it!!


(6) Vase Centerpieces

Vase Centerpieces

I love the color in this centerpiece.  They simply filled clear vases with colorful dried legumes.  Epicurious explains that this Thanksgiving centerpiece is so easy that instead of concentrating on the centerpiece you can use that energy to concentrate on making the Thanksgiving feast.


(7)  Fruitfully Fabulous Centerpiece

Fruitfully Fabulous Centerpiece

Here is a simply, but crafty centerpiece.  It’s another easy, but goodie Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Good Housekeeping shows us how you can easily make this Thanksgiving centerpiece in no time.  Simply dry some sliced citrus food and hot glue them into a band around candles.   It’s just lovely.


(8) Family Tree Centerpiece

Family Tree Centerpiece

What an original idea…. I think it’s just awesome!!  Simply, hang family photos from a table top potted plant and you have an amazing centerpiece for Thanksgiving.  Midwest Living came up with this idea and I think it’s a great idea.  It will be quite the conversation piece.


(9) The Kid’s Table

The Kids Table

As a kid I always hated sitting at the kids’ Table for Thanksgiving.  I felt like I was missing out on all the fun at the adult’s table.  But, I wouldn’t have been so sad if I had a cool Thanksgiving Kid’s Table like this one.  Frog Prince Paperie shows you how to put together this amazing kids’ table that all children are sure to love.


(10) Cranberry Carnation Pyramid

Cranberry Carnation Pyramid

I just love the color in this centerpiece…. what a beautiful red.  I found this beauty over at AllYou and I’m so glad I did.  I might have to give this centerpiece a try this Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s made from carnations, cranberries and apples…. I imagine this centerpiece must smell delicious.

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Idea for Wrapping Gifts – Your Kids’ Artwork

I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across A Pumpkin and a Princess who had a great idea…Wrap gifts with your children’s artwork.

Idea for Wrapping Gifts - Your Kids' Artwork

As a mother you probably have so much children’s art sitting around, on your walls and on your refrigerator.  I know you hate the feeling of throwing any of your children’s artwork away.  That feels terrible.  But, what else can you do with the extra artwork you can’t possibly display?  How about use their artwork as wrapping paper.  Children go to so many birthday parties.  Frankly, my children have more of a social life than I do.  They are constantly going to birthday parties.  Use your children’s beautiful artwork to wrap the birthday gifts.

And, you don’t have to just stick with children’s birthday gifts.  Your family member will love opening gifts wrapped with your children’s artwork.  It is so much more special than using store bought wrapping paper and a lot cheaper.  Plus, it helps the environment to have another use for your children’s artwork.

So, let your kids keep drawing and coloring away without fearing that you will have to eventually throw them away.  Simply store that artwork away for a future gift giving event or birthday party.  It will give you a good feeling to know you are doing something special with your children’s artwork.

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Clever and Crafty Last Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is just days away.  Soon all the kids in the neighborhood will be getting dressed up and going door to door trick or treating.  It is such an exciting time.  But, if you are like me and wait till the last minute it is very possible that you have no costumes ready at all.  If so, that exciting time has now shifted to a very stressful time.  Well, stop your worrying.  I have compiled 10 Clever and Crafty Last Minute Costume Ideas.  Surely, you will be able to find one that is perfect in there for you.

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(1) Legos

LEGO Costume

I found these costumes over at Instructables and it’s such a great idea.  Made with some items around the house… like a cardboard box, duct tape and paper bowels… you are sure to have this costume finished in no time.


(2) Ghost

Ghost Costume

Whenever I think of a easy, yet spooky, costume for Halloween I think of the standard Ghost costume.  It never gets old…. it’s always good.  SavvySugar shows you how to make this costume on the cheap.


(3) Medusa

Medusa Costume

I think this costume is very imaginative and wouldn’t take too much to put together.  DebtFreeByThirty shows us how to put this very cool Medusa costume together with not much time or money.


(4) Quarterback

Quarterback Costume

I bet this wasn’t the Quarterback you were thinking of, huh?  But, I bet this one is not only easier to put together, but it is also really, really clever.  Made from cardboard and duct tape this costume is sure to get a lot of people talking.  Check out the details at FamilyFun.


(5) Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Grab an old umbrella, raincoat and a couple of stuffed animals and you have a costume perfect for Halloween.  RealSimple shows us how to put this very cute costume together in no time at all.


(6) Bag of Jelly Beans

Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

I thought this costume was adorable.  It really is creative.  Coolest-Homemade-Costumes shows us how to take a simple clear garbage bag and fill it with colorful balloons to make a clever Bag of Jelly Beans.


(7) Spiderweb Mother and Sock Spider Baby Costume

Spiderweb Mother and Sock Spider Baby Costume

Talk about an awesome costume for mother and child…. this Halloween costume ROCKS.  I found it over at the Martha Stewart site and I loved it.  Don’t worry, Martha Stewart shows you how to do this creative Halloween costume craft step-by-step, so you will be good to go by Halloween.


(8) Robot

Robot Costume

Here is another clever costume you could whip together in no time.  It is a Robot costume and it is something else.  I found this costume at MyAtlantaMoms and she shows you just by using a few boxes, silver paint and aluminum you too can have a robot costume like this one in time for Halloween.


(9) Road Trip

Road Trip Costume

This is a crazy costume….. I love it!!  I think any little boy would enjoy it too.  Take an old sweatsuit, Velcro and toy cars and FamilyFun will show you how to turn it into this clever Road Trip costume.  Plus, your child will have no trouble keeping warm in it on Trick-or-Treat.  That’s a plus.


(10) Octopus Baby

Octopus Baby Costume

Do you have a baby and a bunch of unmatched socks or tights laying around at home?  If you answered yes, then this could be the Halloween costume for you.  Better Homes and Gardens shows us how to put together this creative costume in very little time.  You will even have some time left over to spare.

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Scariest Halloween Edible Craft Ideas

I was roaming the internet the other day and I came across some of the scariest Halloween treats that I have ever seen…. I just had to share them with you.  I know food is not usually covered in this blog, but I was thinking…… not all crafts have to be made in the craft room.  Today I’m going to bring the crafts into the kitchen.  Check out some of the Scariest Halloween Edible Craft Ideas I have ever seen.

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Scariest Halloween Edible Craft Ideas

Let me know if you make a Scary Halloween Treat or if you came across one on the internet that I haven’t listed here.  I would love to hear about them.


(1) Edible Eyeball Recipe

Edible Eyeball Recipe

Sarah Caron at Amazing Moms put together this awesome eyeball recipe.  They look like bloodshot eyes, but I have a feeling it doesn’t taste like that.  Made from donut holes these eyeballs are sure to taste delicious.


(2) Witches Fingers

Witches Fingers

Ok, this Halloween treat is totally creepy…. and it looks so real.  Las Vegas Food Adventures knows how to make a scary, but delicious treat.  Made with almonds, cream cheese and red cake decorating gel these witch fingers are sure to be sweet.


(3) Mummy Dogs with Green Goo

Mummy Dogs with Green Goo

I found this spooky treat at and I love the idea.  They are like “pigs in a blanket”, but changed up a bit.  These Mummy Dogs will actually ooze with edible green goo as you eat them.  YIKES!!


(4) Meat Hand

Meat Hand

Made from a Meatloaf with cheese on top this is one disgusting looking hand, but promises to be delicious.  Not Martha shows you how to make this Meat Hand for yourself…. and scare all who comes near.


(5) Intestines with Subcutaneous Fat Covered in Arterial Plaque and Bile

Intestines with Subcutaneous Fat Covered in Arterial Plaque and Bile

The name of this item turns my stomach a bit…. and so does the picture.  But, Cooking at Cafe D’ tells us it is perfectly fine to eat…. perhaps even tasty.  This is one icky dish perfect for Halloween.


(6) Shrunken Heads in Cider

Shrunken Heads in Cider

I love the way these shrunken heads look…. they would be perfect at a Halloween party.  I found this recipe on the Martha Stewart site…. she has the entire recipe and even a video if you want to put together this Halloween recipe.


(7) Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines

Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines

This Halloween recipe is sure to be a big hit at any Halloween get-together.  I found this recipe at The Knead for Speed and it looks perfectly creepy and yet I find myself thinking it looks delicious.  Made from puff pastry and sweet filling what is not to love.


(8)  Eye-Popping Soup

Eye-Popping Soup

Check out this soup…. it is totally creepy, right?!  I found this Halloween Recipe on delish and it’s a good one.  Made from tomato soup it is sure to be yummy…. as long as you don’t mind it staring back at you.


(9) Witch Finger Poppers and Eye of Newt

Witch Finger Poppers and Eye of Newt

I love the presentation of this Halloween Recipe…. it’s just so colorful and equally creepy.  I found this awesome recipe over at Susi’s Kochen und Backen Adventures and it’s nothing short of awesome.


(10) Creepy Peepers Halloween Jell-O

Creepy Peepers Halloween Jell-O

In Katrina’s Kitchen put together this creepy dish and I must say the consistency of this treat looks goopy and gross.  I’m not sure I could swallow it even though I know the green goo and white eyeballs are just jell-o…. it’s the consistency that gets me with this one.

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Clever ways to Organize Craft Items to Get Rid of the Mess

Are you like me where you love the crafts, but hate the mess that storing crafts can make?  It can be ridiculously hard to store crafts without creating a mess in the process.  And, you know how hard it can be to find what you need for your crafts when you can’t find anything!!  Well, today I’m going to show you how you can clean up your mess and organize your crafts in super cute and clever ways.

Clever ways to Organize Crafts to Get Rid of the Mess

Let me know your thoughts or if you too have a clever way to organize your crafts.

(1) Shower Rack

Use a Shower Rack to organize your crafts

Better Homes and Gardens got it right with this awesome craft organizer.  Notice how they used this shower rack to store their scissors, pencils and paper.  And, it looks good too.



Use a Pegboard to organize your crafts

Look how nice this craft area looks.  They simply use a Pegboard to hang all their important craft items in easy to reach spots.  Check out i Stamp to get all the details.

(3) Shoe Organizer

Use a Shoe Organizer to organize your crafts

This is a great idea to organize your kids’ crafts.  You know how cluttered your kids’ room can be with crafts.  Well, Brady Lou has the right idea…..use a shoe organizer to clean up the craft clutter.

(4) Canvas Totes

Use Canvas Totes to organize your crafts

Now how cute is this organizing method….. so cute!!  Use decorated totes to organize your craft items.  Giverslog tells us how much easier it is with the totes to take the craft items from the closet to the craft table.  Smart thinking!!


(5) Phone Book Pencil Holder

Use a Phone Book to organize your crafts

No need to rub your eyes…. you are seeing this image right!!  Chica and Jo shows us how to turn a simple phone book into the most clever pencil holder.  Or, use it for other craft items like paint brushes.


(5) Milk Jugs

Use Milk Jugs to organize your crafts

I love these milk jugs…. not only are they craft savvy, but they are also so pretty to look at.  Family Fun outdid themselves with this craft.  Make as many as you need to clean up your child’s messy craft area.


(6) Soup Cans

Use Soup Cans to organize your crafts

This is a simple craft, but a very useful one.  Notice how TheNest transforms simple soup cans into the perfect desktop craft organizers.


(7) Water Jugs

Use Water Jugs to organize your crafts

I thought this was super duper clever.  Instructables shows us how to take water jugs to store anything….. I figured this would be perfect for storing all kinds of craft items.  Keep in mind, before you can make this clever organization method you will have to drink A LOT of water.  But, imagine how much healthier you will be for it.


(8) Binders & Sheet Protectors

Use Binders & Sheet Protectors for organizing crafts

This is a simple method, but it can be oh so useful.  Take an everyday binder and add clear sheet protectors.   Good Housekeeping shows you you will then have a savvy way to store your needlepoint or quilting patterns.

And, there you have it.  I just showed you 8 clever ways to organize your crafts to get rid of the mess.  Which one are you going to give a try?  Or, do you have a clever way to organize your crafts that I didn’t talk about here?  If so, please let me know.  Make sure to leave me your methods in the comments below.

Top image by Urban Woodswalker

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Ideas for Displaying Your Kids’ Artwork So You Can See Your Fridge Again

As a parent, I love receiving beautiful artwork from my children. However, there comes a point when you feel like your entire refrigerator is covered with artwork. I have 4 kids, so not only is my fridge covered, but my fireplace’s mantle, my kitchen window, and the rest of my windows are all being taken over with artwork. This got me thinking…what else can I do with the artwork? I would love to see my refrigerator again…what color is it…I want to know….maybe soon I can find out again. 🙂


Ideas for Displaying Your Kids' Artwork So You Can See Your Fridge Again

Now for the ideas. Please comment below to add your own ideas or suggestions…everyone can contribute.

(1) Clothesline Art

Hang childs artwork with clothespins

Hang a Clothesline in your child’s room or playroom (high enough that the child can’t get hurt) and then use clothespins to hang your child’s art.

(2) Curtain Hangers for Art

drapes artwork

This is similar to the clothespin idea, but instead by a curtain hanging system. Instead of hanging curtains with the clips, hang the artwork.  This idea comes from Project Nursery … visit it to find out how she did it.

(3) Plexiglass Table Cover to Display Artwork

Plexiglass Table Cover to Display Artwork

There is a great how-to article, on the, about making a Plexiglass table cover in order to display artwork underneath. You can just go to Home Depot or Lowes and have them cut down a sheet of plexiglass to the same size as your table. Then just  place the plexiglass on top of your child’s art that you want to showcase.

(4) Hang Clipboards to Display Art

Hang Clipboards to Display Art

On a Blog called Clean and Scentsible, we found another way to display your child’s artwork. Hang Clipboards, and place newest artwork on the top layer that is showing. This is a really smart and sensible way to display your child’s artwork.

(5) Vertical Lines of Hanging Yarn

Vertical Lines of Hanging Yarn

I found a great example of hanging art from vertical lines of yarn or string or wire on a site called Spiral Montessori Mama. As this talented teacher / blogger suggests…just hang yarn from the ceiling with tape….then as your child brings home artwork just tape it to the yarn. I like how this teacher places a colorful piece of paper behind each piece of art to sort of frame it or mat it.

(6) Paint a Magnetic Wall – Maybe Even Chalkboard Paint

Paint a Magnetic Wall - Maybe Even Chalkboard Paint

On, I found a great idea. How about paint an entire wall with magnetic paint and then covering it with chalkboard paint (optional). You can then display all of your child’s artwork on a giant wall, instead of your refrigerator. Just a note…I did the same thing…I put 2 coats of magnetic paint and then a coat of chalkboard paint. It isn’t magnetic…although the chalkboard paint works great. I am just telling you this so you know that you might need to coat the wall with many coats of magnetic paint for it to work.

(7) Frame Them on a Special Wall

Frame Kids Artwork on a Special Wall

How about creating a special museum wall in your house….all with your child’s framed artwork. The above picture comes from

(8) Using a Pocket Display

Using a Pocket Display

I found a simple pocket display case that has 9 pockets on each side of the case. You can then hang it either on a door knob or on the wall without damaging it.  If you want to make one of these one your own (so you don’t have to buy it), you can see a similar sort of creation here.

(9) Give Art as Gifts

Give Art as Gifts

This artwork was found on the blog called Quince and Quire.  This blogger sewed her child’s artwork to a moleskin sketchbook to give to somebody as a gift. This is a great idea…but for somebody who hates sewing, this sounds tedious….how about just using hot glue or even colorful duct tape as a frame. Another idea is finding a notebook that has a clear cover and attaching it underneath the clear cover.

(10) Mod Podge Your Child’s Artwork to Anything

Mod Podge Your Child's Artwork to Anything

You can Mod Podge your kids’ artwork to coasters or any other item such as your child’s bookcase or wooden bed. This will bring your child’s room alive with color…and it is quite easy to do. This was found on the site…Mod Podge Rocks!

(11) Use Artwork for Gift Wrapping Paper

Use Artwork for Gift Wrapping Paper

On Krafty Guts Blog, the blogger used her child’s artwork for wrapping paper. This is a great idea…this makes the child feel so special.

(12) Laminate the Artwork and Use as Placemats

Laminate the Artwork and Use as Placemats

On the blog, Make Create Do, there is an example of a place mat made from a child’s piece of art. This is also a great idea. How special is it to your child that you would make a permanent use for his creativity. Awesome idea.

(13) Showcase Art with Digital Frames

Showcase Art with Digital Frames

I love, love, love this idea. How about you scan all of your child’s work and put them all on permanent display in a digital frame.

(14) Use a L’il DaVinci Store and Display Art Cabinet

Use a L'il DaVinci Store and Display Art Cabinet

This is a really cool idea to have a cabinet that holds up to 50 pages of artwork. It then has a hinge that lets you open up the frame like a book to turn thru the pages. I found it here, see if you like it when you take a closer look.

(15) Make a Puzzles, Notebooks, Stickers, Magnets, Coffee Table Books and Other Items from Artwork

Make a Puzzles, Notebooks, Stickers, Magnets and Other Items from Artwork

On sites like, you can create all sorts of things from your child’s artwork, such as stickers, puzzles, magnets, notebooks, coffee table books, posters, t-shirts, playing cards, etc.

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Great Idea for Decorating the Walls for Your Kids Art or Play Room

I was browsing the net today and I found a great idea for decorating your child’s art room or play room. How about getting a pack of decorative paper and using glue dots to place them on your wall? What you get is an amazing wallpaper that you can’t get anywhere else. The colors are amazing and it adds to the artsiness of the room.  See the picture of this amazing art room below.

Great Idea for Decorating the Walls for Your Kids Art or Play Room

Great Idea for Decorating the Walls for Your Kids Art or Play Room


The price for one wall was only $13…you can’t beat that. To see the before and after pictures of this artsy playroom, and to see the instructions for doing it yourself, check out the site here. So do you like this idea for decorating your child’s art room’s walls?

Please tell everybody if you have any ideas for decorating playroom walls….by commenting below.

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