How to Make Flower Vases With Recycled Plastic Bottles

This is a recycling and a Mother’s Day Present Arts and Crafts Activity for Kids to Make. Recycling can be your way of taking care of the environment. Here’s a great craft activity that makes it really fun to recycle. Make a flower vase out of an old plastic bottle and then put fresh flowers in it for Your Mom.

Make Easter Basket with Flower Petals Paper Folding Craft

This Easter basket is meant to look like it is made out of flower petals. We have provided a printable paper folding template that you can print out, and then fold up, paste, and make a handle to finish it up. It is pretty and can be used as a decorative table piece or to place flowers or candy in. This is a great craft for boys or girls to celebrate Easter, as well as the April and May season.

How to Fold a Standing Paper Goose and Duck with Paper Arts Instructions

Spring is here so it is is a great time to make ducks and geese and other creatures and critters to celebrate the new season. Today I have provided you with 2 patterns, one for a stand-up paper duck, and one for a stand-up paper goose. Just print out the pattern, fold it in half, cut it out, and stand it up…it is as easy as that.

Easter Bunny – Peter Cottontail Rabbit Paper Stand Up Dolls Craft for Kids

Peter Rabbit is a fictional character in various children’s stories by Beatrix Potter. He is a well-known, loved character that usually comes out in schools around the country during Spring and Easter-time. Below you will find 2 pages to print out of Peter Rabbit story characters and items such as a picnic basket, umbrella, etc. These are all paper-folding dolls that you can play with like toys for Easter time or after you have heard this great story. Have a great time.

Make Spring Princess or Fairy Flowers Crown Craft for Girls

Want to pretend to be a Spring flower princess or fairy? Here are easy instructions to make yourself this beautiful crown that is made up of paper flowers. The simple steps to make this craft are given below.

Make Spring Handprints Lambs for Easter or Spring : Preschoolers and Kids Craft


Since I am so in love with little handprints, I enjoy doing crafts where I can capture my children’s handprints once again for posterity reason. This craft, handprint lamb, is a great way to capture a handprint but it also adds a touch of spring to your crafts and gives your child a new way to use his hands.