Make Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Candle Holder With an Old Teacup – Craft for Kids


Here is an easy to make, pretty Halloween Jack-o-Lantern candle holder that can brighten up your home this Halloween. This is a very easy craft to make from an old teacup. Instructions are below.

Make a Halloween Pumpkin Tree Craft for Kids


This Halloween tree will add a nice touch to your living room. And you don’t even have to throw it away when Halloween is over. You can just remove the pumpkins and add stars and you’ll have a Christmas tree.

How to Make a Halloween Skeleton Bones Necklace Craft for Kids


Have you decided what you’re gonna wear for Halloween? Here’s an interesting scary jewelry accessory you can add to your costume. Learn to make this easy-to-make skeleton bone necklace with just tissue and colored paper. This spooky necklace is easy to make, as well as cool to look at and you can make it with just a few easy steps (as follows). Enjoy!

How to Make a Ghost Halloween Party Invitation or Greeting Card : Craft for Kids


This friendly ghost will say “Boo” to scare your friends this Halloween. This unique Halloween Party Invitation or Happy Halloween card is easy to make and your friends and family will remember it for a long time. The easy arts and crafts instructions for making this Scary Ghost Halloween Party Invitation or Greeting Card can be found below.

How to Make Creepy Halloween Eyeballs – I’ve Got My Eye On You!

How to Make Spooky Halloween Eyeballs - I

Cobwebs and spiders are okay, but if you’re looking for really scary Halloween decorations, try leaving some of these eyeballs around the place! Today we will be making these creepy eyeballs that will gross all of your friends out. The easy arts and crafts instructions for making these gross eyeballs can be found below. Have fun!

How to Make Halloween Treat Bags Crafts Idea for Kids


Today we will be making a Halloween craft that is easy enough for kids to do by themselves or with Mom and Dad. We will be making a handmade customized & personalized made Halloween paper treat bag that you can use as snack bag to give to a friend or trick-or-treaters. You can fill them up to give to your classmates or to give to special trick-or-treaters, friends, or relatives. All you will need is thick paper, scissors, glue, and orange ribbon. The easy instructions follow.

How to Make a Table Decoration Vase Craft Gift for Mom


I know that you love your Mom. Do you want to make a thoughtful gift for her? This is a small easy- to-make present that Mom will love to show off to her guests. You can change the color of the ribbons and decorations to make them match with your Mom’s tableware.

Easy Pinwheel Pencil Craft for Kids for Independence Day on July 4th


Today, I love making pinwheels with my kids because they get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. They are very easy to use and they only require a few supplies that most people have in their homes or home offices.

Homemade Easter Egg Dye: How to Make Easter Egg Dye from Things in your Cupboards


One thing that I had never done, was make my own dyes so I finally decided that I would gather a few things together and create some homemade dyes. It does take a little more effort but the effect can be some truly beautiful eggs that are unique and truly yours. The best point about this craft is it brings your children’s crafts into the kitchen, and as any chef or baker knows, you can create some true masterpieces on a stove.

Easy Easter Basket Craft for Kids to Fill with Treats


If you’ve had a new addition to the family, are having an unexpected guest, or just don’t have enough Easter baskets around the house, here is a simple an inexpensive way to create your own Easter basket to fill with goodies and put on display.

How to Make a Spring Easter Bonnet, Hat, or Flower Crown with Your Kids


An Easter bonnet is a longstanding tradition for little girls in many families – and calling it a flower crown will make any little boy excited to be the king of spring! Explain the history of the Easter bonnet to your children and even teach them the song from Irvin Berlin’s “Easter Parade.” Then, get started!

Keepsake Easter Eggs Decorating Craft for Kids


On Easter, these Easter eggs made from the following Easter Egg decoration crafts project can be used for the egg hunt or they can be used to make beautiful decorations. One of the best things about blowing the eggs before you dye them is that you can use them for crafts, ornaments or you can simply pack them into an egg carton (with your child’s name and the year on each egg) and place them into your keepsake box.

The Origami Fox Box for the Beginner Paper Folder Child


This is a very simple paper craft and is excellent for a beginner paper folder. It doesn’t require very much skill and only uses simple folding techniques. In addition, the Fox Box is quick to make and you can hide little treasures inside, which are perfect for grab bags.

How to Make Easter Lilies / Bouquet of Flowers Craft With Your Kids Handprints

Finished Craft Handprint Easter Lily Bouquet of Flowers Craft Activity for Kids

This is a very cute Easter lily flower bouquet craft for young children and preschoolers … even older children will enjoy it. With just a few craft materials that are probably already around your house, you will be able to make cute Easter Lilies with your child’s own handprints.

Bunny Ears Easter Bunny Craft Idea for Kids

finished-finished handprint easter bunny craft for kids

With just a few craft materials that are probably already around your house, you will be able to make a cute Easter Bunny with your child’s own handprints. Not only will this be a fun arts and crafts activity, but it can also be a keepsake to keep forever. You will be surprised at how fast your little one’s hands grow when you look back at past crafts activities. Have fun.

Easter Basket Craft for Kids : How to Make an Easter Basket with Your Child’s Handprints

Finished Handprint Easter Basket Crafts Activity Project for Kids

Easter is quickly coming so I thought that I would share with you a cute craft for young children and preschoolers … even older children will enjoy it. With just a few craft materials that are probably already around your house, you will be able to make a cute Easter Basket with your child’s own handprints.